Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Creative Plan for 2014

I have been the proud owner of a DSLR camera since last Christmas and although I have enjoyed using it all year I have not used it in manual mode. That’s like owning a Maserati and not changing up from 1st gear! So I have decided to concentrate on my photography skills more in 2014.

I gave 2013 to learning Digi Scrap and Project Life and had a lot of creative fun but have decided to let it take a back burner 2014. I developed a passion for digi design this year but have realized that it will need a lot more time than I have to give right now so that too will be foraged away until I have the time. I am investing in my education for teacher licensure next year and my time will be limited so I will need to be more focused.

A perfect time to concentrate solely on photography. I plan to do one annual project next year that will go along with developing my skills and providing for my blog. Click It Up A Notch has just the project and is just the right place to grow. Nov 1, Click It’ will launch their Project 365. I have heard of this before but never been apart of it. Taking a photo a day I will be part of a community, posting my photo’s, learning from others and, hopefully, getting feed back.

I live in such a beautiful area that I won’t lack for content. I will post my photo’s on City Girl Gone Country because of the content. What will you work on in 2014?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

I Think I’ll Make a Lapbook

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately and the desire to return to my crafting roots has come to the surface!  It feels cathartic.

I have been invested in Project Life for most of the year and have loved all the mini stories that can be captured on a page. I have also dabbled in Art Journaling but was forced to give that up when leaving London. I want to create something that can bring both those things together. All the mini stories but in a larger than life tactile way.

So, I have turned to Lapbooks. Having home schooled my son for 1 year I always wanted to make Lapbooks but he returned to school before we had a chance.

What is a Lapbook. Simply, it is a file folder that is used as a base to record whatever subject you are learning. The inside of the folder is built up in very creative ways to display the material. Like this amazing Lapbook from runofthemillfamily called History of the World part 1.

I am hoping to do lots of messy play along with added memorabilia and carefully chosen pictures. I will capture the month of October seeing as it is such a delectable month.



Thursday, 10 October 2013

What I love About October

It has been a looong time since I last posted. Why, you may ask! Since the middle of the Summer I have endeavored to get my teaching license, a long-time goal, and I have hit brick wall after brick wall. It has consumed me so much I have lost all passion for life! Truly, it has been exasperating.

So, I have finally come to a point that I need to back away a little and see what God is going to say. Hence this creative interlude.


This picture was from Oct 5th 2012. It was much colder this time last year. I am not complaining mind. Every season in Virginia is magnificent. No wonder they say Virginia is for lovers. There is a certain romance to be found in all four of the seasons.

What I love about October:- Red, yellow and gold. Pumpkins, cinnamon, Hot Chocolate, soup and hearty eats. Cold noses, warm toes, scarves, sweaters, blankies and cuddles,

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Project Life Week 28

My pages have more pictures of natural life than people these days. I make no excuses. I am thoroughly enjoying my new playground after leaving the city. AND as I have no real friends and acquaintances yet this is pretty much it.

However, my one year of re-entry and recuperation is quickly coming to an end. I received a call this week from the Department of Education and will attend Substitute Teacher training on the 31st July for the Autumn term. I am thrilled to start this new adventure in my life.


Title Journal cards and background paper are from Le Petite Papperie Basil collection by Carina Gardener.  ‘Smile and Laugh’ title are part of the tangerine collection which were a freebie for joining persnickety Prints. The writing on the photos are called framed sentiments by Karla Dudley (which I love!) The Journal Cards are by Tickled Pink called Make a Wish. 


Hope you have a great week

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Project Life Week 27

I love these journal cards by A Little Grace and Mercy. She has been making a monthly selection available free on her blog. The color stays the same for uniformity but the content changes. I love the clean lines. Look under Freebies.


The background paper is by Cosmo Cricket from the Get Happy kit.


My third guest post at DigiScrapLove entitled Project life Tip #3: Choosing and Using Templates is now uploaded.

As my journaling says it was a difficult week and I am thankful for God’s many blessings.

Friday, 12 July 2013

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I Chose Feedly But It Did Not Choose Me.

My last post was on the eve of the big Google exit. Since then life kind of jumped me and I am still trying to recuperate. Well, I ended up moving to Bloglovin’ not sure I am loving it yet as I don’t find change easy. However, the reason I chose Bloglovin’ is because I had several very frustrating attempts at signing on with Feedly and finally took it as a sign.

The eve of July 1st I couldn’t even open the intro page and I guessed the server was overloaded by all the other last minute movers. However, I tried again today and couldn't get beyond the sign up page. So I am on Bloglovin for now. I just took it for a drive and it didn’t do too badly.

When I reviewed both readers on Google, Feedly got reviews from newspapers and professional sources and Bloglovin’ got reviews from bloggers.  The reviews were rather mixed and didn’t lead one way or another. So I am happy for now and will continue reading the blogs I love on Bloglovin’.


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Which Reader Do You Prefer?

OK so , ‘The best laid schemes o' mice an' men, often go awry.’  ROBERT BURNS. I decided when Google Reader made their announcement about closure that I wasn’t going to panic and start trying out new Readers but would wait until some well informed people could do that for me. WELL NOW I AM PANICING! I would love some input from those who have made the move and are satisfied. 

I went through my reader today and purged out all the dead subscriptions. I am way too oversubscribed so I also unsubscribed those not posting recently (last 30 days). I know this might be a little unkind but I did make sure they weren’t ones I would miss too badly. I need to go through again and unsubscribe from those I am not enjoying anymore. I know my likes and interests have changed in the last 2 years so I just need to move on from those I don’t read anymore. So looking forward to making a fresh start in a new home. Any suggestions, please?  


Monday, 24 June 2013

Project Life Week 25

I took Alexa’s advice on catching up with PL and decided to scrap current and back fill the weeks I don’t want to miss. So, this was my week last week, Church Camp, and what a great week it was. Started out rough because DS had a tummy bug and we almost didn’t make it. He ‘tanked’ thru though and we had a lovely time.


I didn’t have a specific kit to work with this week so I went thru my ‘freebies’ and pieced one together. The journal cards on page 1 were from Persnickety Prints. They have some great freebies on their website and you can sign up for their newsletter. This set were from Ziggler Designs called Insta-Life Cards. When I pull cards and papers into my LO that are all from different locations I am careful to name each layer with the author and kit for crediting purposes. This week I had loads of pictures I wanted to use so I did not have as many journal cards and elements as usual.


The two journal cards are ziggler cards again but the second was overlade with an element from Jen Allyson called Vintage Finds Label 4. The Currents card is by Deena Rutter. I love cards with a current theme. This one has rather too much info to do weekly but a nice one all the same. The picture of the teens I decided was best with a layer vintage effect just for privacy sake. I always feel horrible posting pics of other people’s kids despite the fact that Facebook is full of them! My LO had so many light colors that I thought a dark background would be good. This comes from Becky Higgins Clementine kit.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Project Life Tip # 2

I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to guest post over at DigiScrapLove. Project Life tip #2 is posted and it has been very refreshing for me to get my thoughts together regarding the whole process of Project Life. Please pop over and have a read. I would love to hear your comments.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Project Life Week 1 8 …Signs of Spring

I am a little further behind than I am comfortable with at the moment.  I have lots of lovely photos but the sentiments are a little flat. I have several options at this point. I can either start Scrapping from where I am at and catch up the missing weeks as I go, do several weeks at a time for the next few weeks or just skip the dead weeks. Lets face it if I were up to date no weeks would be ‘dead weeks’ because you always find something exciting to share!



No Ct work to do this week so I fell back on my Clementine Kit that I purchased way back. I love the bright clean look of the journal cards in this kit but in typical PL style it is lacking in all the little unique elements that I have become accustomed to in other kits. How is everyone else keeping up?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Make A Wish

I think this might possibly be one of my favorite LO’s. I had to CT for both the Template by Template Dreams and the kit by A Little Giggle Designs but after being ill for over 10 days nothing was coming to me. I had trolled through my many photos and after playing with a few ideas I deleted them and went to bed.  When I was away from my computer a moment of inspiration came to me as I remembered this group of photos. The colors and theme fit perfectly. 
Template by Template Dreams called Add A Boarder available here

This is a fairly old picture as you can see from the Ringo style glasses. In England the local authorities protect certain parcels of land that they rent in portions to people from the local community so they can plant and grow. These ‘allotments’ are well sought after. We were fortunate to have a plot when we lived in city flats and had no garden.  That place was a haven in the big city.
This LO and the one above made with a bundle by A Little Giggle Designs called Make A Wish available here

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Creating Digital Project Life Pages; Planning and Organizing Tips

This is a super quick post to advertise my latest project. I was invited by Chelle the creator of DigiScrapLove to guest post for her blog. I have been posting LO’s in the gallery and she asked if I could share a few tips about Digital Project Life pages. I have broken the article down into several posts and so we will run a mini series. My first post entitled, ‘planning and organizing tips’ went live today. Would love to see you visit and leave some love.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Project Life Week 17

I am settled into my routines with PL which is a huge blessing.  Not only can I finish most of it in one sitting but it helps even on the odd occasion that I just don’t feel like putting a LO together. I am a month behind which doesn’t worry me tremendously but I wouldn’t want to get behind much more. So this weekend, after being sick for over two weeks, I had to push myself to ‘get on with it’. I am glad I did as it all went smoothly and I loved working with this kit. I have three designers that I am CT’ing for at the moment and they know I love to scoop up on those matching journal cards. They pull everything together and make the pages look so cohesive.



This weeks PL was made from a Bundle by ‘A Little Giggle Designs’ called Make A Wish and is on sale here

Monday, 3 June 2013

Project Life Week 16

I didn’t create this for a Creative Team project so I wasn’t very good at remembering what products I used.  Most designers are very good at labeling each file with their name and the kit name so I was able to pull the LO back up in PSE and look at the files.



The products for this LO are called ‘Memorable’ by Christine Smith.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Proverbs 31 Art Journal Page


Awesome kit available at Scrapvine.

This page was created for a challenge at DigiScrapLove. The challenge was centered around a quote about doing all that we possibly are capable of. I immediately thought of this scripture. It is an amazing list of qualities and one that could make even the greatest of saints shy away.   Unless, of course, we think of lifetime achievements and what is possible in the strength of the Lord.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013



Sadly, Jellebelleke’s Designs will be retiring June 4th. This was her last Mini kit called ‘Open Your Heart’ available here

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Free Template and Template Challenge


I’ve been doing some house keeping and realising how far behind I am in posting LO’s

I made this with the free May template at DigiScrapLove. Head over there before the month is out and it’s free.  kit called ‘This is Your Life’ by Sweet Shop Designs.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Project Life Week 15

I’m getting a little behind on my Project Life and further behind with blogging it. May kind of took me by surprise. More outdoors and less indoors means less computer time. I love this time of year though.



I used the kit ‘Lazy Days’ by A Little Giggle Designs and her fab 365 Vol. 1 day stamps, brushes and overlays. available here. On sale at the moment.

Monday, 20 May 2013

I Did Something Grown-Up Today

I did something grown-up today or at least I think I did. I may have just been pouting. Since moving to the USA we have been staying in the ground floor apartment of my very generous in-laws. It comprises of a large studio apartment and a separate bedroom for my son. We have been very happy but space is a commodity.

I was blessed when I came from England in that I was able to ship 75% of my craft stash. When I arrived in the US I was excited over having a little time on my hands and took up 25% of the bedroom Real Estate. However, it has been very cramped and I can never find anything. I have used it about half a dozen times to produce something nice and the rest of the time it has gathered dust.

Being very stressed by the unworkable mess and in a bit of a somber mood I made the decision to box it up and store it away. It will come back out when we move into a bigger space and I can afford to enjoy it. So for now it will be digi all the way.


Loved working with this Template. It reminds me of the LO’s I used to do with paper photos. Template by A Little Giggle Designs called Singles Fun Template 1 available here.

Background paper and brads from the Kit Unforgettable available here.


Friday, 17 May 2013

To Groom Or Not To Groom That Is The Question?

Weather has been so up and down it’s hard to pin down your wardrobe particularly if you are a dog. One day it’s in the low eighties and we are panting up the driveway and the next it is in the low sixties and we are happy we have a fur coat. As it takes a month to get an appointment at the groomers we have to guess as to the timing. (I swear I am going to change my trade. A good groomer is worth her weight in gold!)

As soon as our appointment arrived, and we had the full Mani-Pedi and shave, the temps went back down. Poor Lilly, she’s been wearing a jacket ever since.



Sweet May Elements pack, and Sweet May Paper Pack by Template dreams are both part of the Buy Your Own Carry-Out at Scrap Take-Out this month.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Intriguing and Endearing Shots

I’ve always loved shots of people walking away. I believe they create intrigue by inviting the  observer to imagine what is taking place and what the emotion of the moment might be. I think I have scrapped this shot twice and it never loses its beauty. 


I love pictures of my son petting animals. It displays and endearing quality.


Both of these LO’s were made with the April kit ‘New Look’ from

NBK-Designs available here 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Special Memories

Loved these Week 16 LO templates by NBK-Designs. Just add pictures and enhance with a few embellies and a little journaling and they look fab. available here

It was so special to be apart of this celebration. Two VERY special friends committing to spend their lives together. A small private ceremony before God and a special lunch with good friends. Special Memories.



Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Design Classes– Look What I Made


This fun freebie is for subscribers at Hummies World and is Hummies part of the Story Crate Collab Kit. Loved telling a precious story with this simple kit.

I am having a blast with Hummies Design Classes. Look what I made


As soon as I learn about sharing freebies I will post the links. My design name will be Sugar Grove and my New domain is Sugar Grove Designs. I am thrilled.  I am going to piece together my signature kit as I learn.  I will make the bits available free here at The View until it is completed and then it will go on sale.  

It is very addictive, I want to sit up all night and get all the input.

 More input, more input!

Sunday, 5 May 2013


Here’s a couple more LO’s for the Kit Bundle ‘Unforgettable’ by A Little Giggle Designs. Available here. ds_unforgettable_greatDayOu

I have always loved these photos and this mask was perfect.


I used a template from Template Dreams in collaboration with the Unforgettable Kit for this one. It was perfect to get all these little girls in and the soft colors really enhanced the soft sunshine. Love it.

Circle Cluster Templates available here

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Combining Blogs

You may remember that I asked your opinion on whether I should keep separate blogs or try to combine. Several people felt that I should combine to keep it interesting and fun. I must say I agree. However, I was a little conflicted as to which I should give up and how to go about it.

Recently working with Hummie, she raised the same question, “why so many personal blogs?’ I finally agreed that my readers should see all facets of my interests and not be limited to one particular topic. So I combined a a couple by importing posts and finally got myself down to two. However, I have combined those, by leaving addresses in the tab so that you can click through. So you may have noticed the ‘City Girl Gone Country’ tab. This is where I write about family life in SW Virginia. It will contain mostly photo journal and no scrap. However this blog will continue to host my crafty pursuits.  That’s it for now. I did purchase a domain for business purposes and I’ll reveal more about that later. Until then. Ta Ta for now.


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Project Life Week 14



Made with Journal Cards from ‘A Little Giggle Designs’ available here