Make A Wish

I think this might possibly be one of my favorite LO’s. I had to CT for both the Template by Template Dreams and the kit by A Little Giggle Designs but after being ill for over 10 days nothing was coming to me. I had trolled through my many photos and after playing with a few ideas I deleted them and went to bed.  When I was away from my computer a moment of inspiration came to me as I remembered this group of photos. The colors and theme fit perfectly. 
Template by Template Dreams called Add A Boarder available here

This is a fairly old picture as you can see from the Ringo style glasses. In England the local authorities protect certain parcels of land that they rent in portions to people from the local community so they can plant and grow. These ‘allotments’ are well sought after. We were fortunate to have a plot when we lived in city flats and had no garden.  That place was a haven in the big city.
This LO and the one above made with a bundle by A Little Giggle Designs called Make A Wish available here


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