Project Life Week 25

I took Alexa’s advice on catching up with PL and decided to scrap current and back fill the weeks I don’t want to miss. So, this was my week last week, Church Camp, and what a great week it was. Started out rough because DS had a tummy bug and we almost didn’t make it. He ‘tanked’ thru though and we had a lovely time.


I didn’t have a specific kit to work with this week so I went thru my ‘freebies’ and pieced one together. The journal cards on page 1 were from Persnickety Prints. They have some great freebies on their website and you can sign up for their newsletter. This set were from Ziggler Designs called Insta-Life Cards. When I pull cards and papers into my LO that are all from different locations I am careful to name each layer with the author and kit for crediting purposes. This week I had loads of pictures I wanted to use so I did not have as many journal cards and elements as usual.


The two journal cards are ziggler cards again but the second was overlade with an element from Jen Allyson called Vintage Finds Label 4. The Currents card is by Deena Rutter. I love cards with a current theme. This one has rather too much info to do weekly but a nice one all the same. The picture of the teens I decided was best with a layer vintage effect just for privacy sake. I always feel horrible posting pics of other people’s kids despite the fact that Facebook is full of them! My LO had so many light colors that I thought a dark background would be good. This comes from Becky Higgins Clementine kit.


alexa said…
I do like your dark background here - it really seems to make the photos pop! I like the Currents list too ...

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