Project Life Week 1 8 …Signs of Spring

I am a little further behind than I am comfortable with at the moment.  I have lots of lovely photos but the sentiments are a little flat. I have several options at this point. I can either start Scrapping from where I am at and catch up the missing weeks as I go, do several weeks at a time for the next few weeks or just skip the dead weeks. Lets face it if I were up to date no weeks would be ‘dead weeks’ because you always find something exciting to share!



No Ct work to do this week so I fell back on my Clementine Kit that I purchased way back. I love the bright clean look of the journal cards in this kit but in typical PL style it is lacking in all the little unique elements that I have become accustomed to in other kits. How is everyone else keeping up?


Abi said…
I really like your pages this week. I am finding that I am keeping up with making the pages but not so much with the posting them on the blog!
alexa said…
Love those Looky Loos! And the photo of the bag hanging from the tree ... You seem to be managing well, despite the 'dead' weeks, I'd be starting afresh and backfilling, if it was me :).

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