Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Note for Future Me.


I have finally figured out the routine for my Journal. Read the prompt, live the day, record my findings and read another prompt for tomorrow.

I love this photo from Guernsey. Never had a chance to use it until now. Maybe I’ll turn it into an 8x10 and hang it on a wall.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Give Thanks


Today I am thankful to God for this support and enablement in my life.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Snacking in the Big League


Note to self; gone are the days when a piece of fruit or a bag of crisps would tied DS over until dinner. Now we are in the big leagues and a sizeable snack is needed to prevent a melt down before dinner.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Reflection Sunday

Reflection Sunday

Our 30 minute drive to Church ended when we recognized that we were going no where fast. The traffic moved so slowly it may as well have been a parking lot. After 30 minutes and not even halfway there we realized we were not going to make it and came home. What a huge let down! Anyway, my reflection for this week is going to be a link. After the reflection last week it is good to be reminded how God feels about spending time with us. (If you have a dog you will get more out of this)

God and Dog by Wendy J. Francisco

Friends Bring Balance


Weeks go into months, and before you know it, months into years and THEN you recognize you haven’t seen your friends in all that time.  Life is full on for our family, work, school, ministry, family, it certainly is a balancing act. Not to mention, the only way I can stay sane is to withdraw and have some alone time.

There never is an optimal time to see friends because either I am too busy, too tired, or the house is wrecked, and even when I am available they may not be. (which was my experience this summer!) SO, what I have learned today…I need to make time for my friends.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Time 4 Me


Since the recent change in legislation about company cars we have found ourselves a one-car family. Seeing as Jim has a 10 mile round trip, and mine is only 3, it makes sense that he gets the car most of the time. So I have taken to putting on my walking shoes and walking to school.

I love it and weather permitting I intend to walk as long as I can. DS now being at high school, I travel by myself and have found being alone in my head quite restful! I think, pray, watch, and process, it’s a great way to start the day. Not to mention the exercise.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Today’s Reflection

Reflection Sunday

John 11:55 – 12:11

We have been doing a series at Church entitled, “The Passover Plot”’ and today’s sermon was, “The Anointing”.  The context In John 11: 55 was set six days before the Passover ceremony and all the Jews were travelling to Jerusalem for purification purposes.  Jesus was the talk of the town and the Pharisees were all on the look out for Him so that they could seize Him if they found Him. 

“Therefore…”, Jesus went to Bethany were Lazarus was, whom he had raised from the dead.  They had prepared a supper for Him which Martha served and as the honored guest Jesus reclined at the head of the table with Lazarus.  Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha, took a pound of very expensive perfume and anointed Jesus with it.  She would have started at the head and lavished him in the perfume  ending generously with His feet and then wiping it with her hair.  This extravagance was immediately jumped upon by the team accountant who had selfish notions of His own. 

Jesus responded, “Let her alone, in order that she may keep it for the day of My burial, For the poor you always have with you, but you do not always have me.” 

It is obvious from the response of Jesus that this was part of His preparation for Burial.  BUT my big question has always been, but how did Mary know this and if she didn’t why would she do this? 

She performed this extravagant act of worship compelled by love and devotion. Expensive perfume in those days was not a major spend from your weekly salary but possibly a life time of savings. Women often kept such costly perfume as part of her dowry.  So the expense to Mary was great.  She spared no expense and was willing to give it all.   It was clear from this extravagant act that Mary dearly loved Jesus.

Secondly, it was Mary’s ability to listen to Jesus that lead her to anoint Him.  She chose, above all other things, to sit at His feet and drink in the words of life.  Mary got it!  If God was to use anyone to anoint His Son it would be the child who devoted themselves completely and worshipfully to Listening to Him!

When I reflect on these two lessons I have to ask myself if I devote myself to listening to Jesus and do I have the kind of love and devotion that would give all that is dear with such lavish devotion.

About Reflection Sunday

Reflection Sunday

It has become a tradition on some blogs to dedicate a day to a particular theme i.e., “Thankful Friday” or “Best Buy Monday” etc., So I am going to dedicate Sunday to be the day of the week that I will write a Spiritual refection.  It might be from the weeks adventures or it could be from the Morning Worship service but it will be an avenue for me to reflect on something God is teaching me through His word.  Welcome to all who want to listen in and please feel free to add your thoughts.


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Note to Self!


I am finally reading a book I should have read long ago called, “shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Paul Trip. Now my DS is eleven and as tall as I am (literally!) it dawned on me that any external control I had over this boy was soon to go Bye Bye. Raising my teacher voice was not going to cut it anymore! So here’s a note to self about changing my tactics and reaching that boys heart!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

80's Re-visited

James recently chose a pair of Converse look-a-likes for himself and he remarked that he was going to only wear them for best. To his delight I went back and chose a pair for myself. He was so thrilled that I saw him and his friends gathered around to examine Mum's new shoes.
Little does he know that back in the 80's during the early Madonna years that I could be seen donning Pink high tops of a similar fashion!

Lists are Better Than Lucozade!

I discovered something really empowering about myself this summer and that is, I can do it if it's on a list. As afore mentioned, my son and I built our wish list for things to do this Summer and looking back I see that all were accomplished. Would I have done those things without a list? possibly, but my list motivated me to focus on what was important and to reach my end goal.

Lists also re-energise me. When trying to pack for hols one Sunday night at 11pm I was so tired that the task daunted me and I became completely overwhelmed. A Lucozade was calling me from the bottom shelf of my kitchen but I knew that would be disastrous given the hour. I couldn't think! So I grabbed a pen and paper and made a list. The change that came over me as I sprung into action was invigorating. The day I recognised that a list is better than a Lucozade is the day I put control back in my life. Now I have list making materials ready at hand. Shopping lists, to do lists, book lists, blog lists, wish lists, prayer lists, what kind of lists do you keep?

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Learning Something New Everyday

I've joined an online course by Shimelle Laine called, Learn something New Everyday. Throughout the month of September I will get daily email prompts to encourage me in my new adventure. You can read more about it here:-
My first task was to create a Title page for my journal/album. I chose to use a hard back book that we had duplicate copies of, (not many pages and no more than 5x8 it was perfect). I went through and intermittently cut out pages with a craft knife to allow room to build up my pages. I was careful to keep pages with inspirational messages on so that I could integrate them into my work.
I coverd the outside of the book with sticky back material and embelished over the top.