Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Wind Has Gone From My Sails

Purposeful, Proud, Passionate!

Lost my motivation lately. It’s a lot to do with were I am at the moment. The wind has gone from my sails.

I came upon these three words in Christy Tomlinson’s week six sneak peek video.  It made me realize that I am none of these things at the moment and that makes me feel tired. Time to rethink some things, me thinks!


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Creating With Mixed Media–Sunflower Wishes


Here’s my first attempt at mixed media. I loved the process and it was so therapeutic! Can’t wait to do my next one.


I used Acrylics to paint design and gave it a layer of Mod Podge, I then decorated with vellum, paper, and tissue and stamped with staze-on and  acrylic. I added a few rubons before finishing with Mod Podge again. Dream is stamped behind a slide that was then painted and stuck on. Finally I used Faber Castell ink brush to outline the art and frame the canvas (Indian Ink I love them but very costly).  Buttons and gold spray in the center of the flower.


It has pride of place on my mantle as I wish for Sunflowers!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Christy Tomlinson and Thinking Outside the Box.

I love Christy Tomlinson the creator of She art. I am a bit of a stalker when I make a discovery and I have been going back into the archives to find out about her creations. Today was the perfect day to do it because I am nursing a sinus infection after a tooth extraction. Ouch! even my guilt over a dirty house didn’t get any movement today.

So, Christy can be found on her blog where she shares lots of wonderful tips, projects and videos and she can also be found at My Craft Channel where she shares some fab videos. 

As usual my mind is working overtime. I am thinking canvases, journals, teaching etc., I even thought about using some of her techniques to create my ‘Life Canvas’ for my craft room. What about it’s use in art therapy? Wow! I am exhausted just thinking about it. I think I should start small and just enjoy my creative side first!!

Then I got to thinking. I have seen her style of being very casual with her tools and mediums and how that adds an extra element to her work. I also have enjoyed her way of thinking outside the box when it comes to what she uses. I am a bit of a Magpie when it comes to ephemera and trinkets so now I know how to put them to good use.  My craft room would breath a sigh of relief also. So, off too creative expression and thinking outside the box. Thank you Christy.


Art by Christy Tomlinson

Monday, 7 May 2012

A Good Day To Create Some Cards

It’s bank holiday Monday and we have rain again (now there is no end!) and I am nursing a tooth extraction, so, today was a good day to create some cards.




I am not too ashamed to say these ideas were adapted from Papercraft Inspirations.