Sunday, 30 October 2011

Teenagers Respond To Pleasure

A ‘positive parenting’ article from Psychology Today

“Reminding a 13 year old how good it feels to accomplish something, how happy he'll be when he does well, and how much more time he will have to play if he studies efficiently works a lot better. Those POSITIVE emotions activate their incentive processing center. And teens are VERY sensitive to pleasure.”

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The Big Weigh In


I have been going through smaller clothes today to see if any of them fit. I am excited to say I am about 5lbs away from half-a-dozen pair of good trousers. Oh it feels so good!

This is the end of week four and I am half a pound away from losing an even 10lbs.  They reckon 10lbs is a clothes size. 

My week went very well. I love Slimming World. Their program is all about food optimizing.  You can have as much of the free foods as you wish without weighing or calorie counting, (I love that) and the rest you have to monitor.

Since I had to limit myself to only lean proteins for one week on the Dukan  diet the Slimming World food plan is a veritable feast. Sainsbury delivered my groceries today and as I am unpacking them in front of hubby I am repeating the phrase, “I can eat these, and these and these”. 

So my new goal is to lose another 14lbs or 1 stone as we say in the UK. I would love to do this in seven weeks and that will get me up to Christmas. This will put me in the middle of the healthy range for my weight. Since there is a 2 stone differential for my height there is a lot of space for preference.  I will go for the middle range and see how that feels. DH has lost 17lbs!  The protein only suited him well and he lost the weight to show it. He will go into maintenance at the end of the week.

I lost 1.4 this week which is not bad considering I was off for half-term and did absolutely no exercise this week.  Even had a modest take out this week. So, onwards and more next week.

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Time Finally Arrived


DH has been pushing for DS to learn yard work for the last 12 months. The time finally arrived after DH’s surgery and needing a helping hand.

I’m In Mourning

I’m in mourning. One year ago I had a root canal done on a molar and the sensitivity would never die down long enough for me to get the crown on. I was referred to a teaching hospital for investigations and after the preliminary investigation I waited…until today.  Today 2 1/2 hours were spent unpacking the canal only to discover the root of the problem.  A hairline crack from tooth to the cusp. (I wanted to cry but I had a rather large contraption in my mouth.)  All that is left is to have the tooth removed.

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

A much needed Tidy Up


My usual habit is to make one project and clean up as you can’t swing a cat in my little room. However, this year being the year of ‘TRAVEL’ I have had so little time for anything.


I can literally take one step inside the door and sit down!  However, needing to pack some things to take to a friends on Monday I was forced to tidy up. It was much needed I think!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Getting Ready For Autumn


Orange and gold, cinnamon and cloves.

Hand knitted throws and candles galore.

Hot chocolate, bed socks and kisses on noses,

Autumn dawns as Summer closes.

By Lorraine

The Big Weigh In

I am late posting this week. Believe it or not, I am on half term b10lbsut I have been busier than usual. Hubby is recuperating from surgery and I am trying to fit in doctor appointments and dentist appointments as they seem to make it their job to make after hours appointments difficult to get.  I don’t know about everyone else but I really have a hard time with that. (Anyway , that is for another day). THE BIG WEIGH IN…yes! I lost 1.2lbs this week. To me this was very unsatisfactory despite moving in the right direction. I ate no more than 1100 calories in any given day and exercised at least 25 mins a day without fail.  I need better results.

I did use Weight Loss Resource this week and found it very helpful to log what I ate and see how it compared nutritionally to what they consider healthy.

However, I need a little more help than that. SO, I decided to give Slimming World a try. I have never done Slimming World before and three close friends have successfully lost scads of weight with them. I tried Weight Watchers last summer and lost the battle before I even started. I needed a new approach. So, I took myself to the meeting last night and signed up. They recommend a 10% weight loss target to begin with and this happens to be what I want to lose in total. I have a stone to lose so the goal is 7 weeks. Will let you know more next week.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

First Day of Half-Term, Yeh!


October Color Challenge

The Color Challenge this month, in preparation for Novembers celebrations, is taken from the book, Rosie’s Walk, by Pat Hutchins. 

Rosies walk 1

This book is a classic and we just spent a week in it with our Reception Class.


I couldn’t help enjoying the rich, almost monotone, colors.  The black outlines are quite stylish too. Maybe someone out there knows the genre of this style? Anyhow, I thought it would be great inspiration for November.

Remember if you post any cards link back to the challenge and then send me your link to post on the fourth Saturday.

Color Challenge Show and Tell.

Here are my entries for the color challenge.


Made with Cuttlebug dies and embossing folder.  Ranger ink and diamond Stickles. 


Stamps by Nitwit



I couldn’t resist making a card with a photo of the leaves that inspired me.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Big Weigh In


Another hard week for dieting but then dieting is never easy is it? Jim lost 3.6 Ilbs this week giving him a grand total of 11.8 lbs and I lost 1.8 lbs giving me a total of 6.8 1lbs loss. (the comparison hardly seems fair).

We are keeping a running total in the bathroom next to the tooth brushes to keep us motivated. Hubby had surgery this week and I had lots of after school things with DS so exercise took a back seat.   Still, I suppose 7lbs loss in two weeks is not too shabby so I will not get demotivated. I am almost half way to losing a stone!  I will push on.

002I think it is time to modify the diet a little more. I am happy with the weight loss but I am also concerned about healthy choices so I want to start adding other foods rather than protein a veg only.

I have noticed, rather remarkably, that unlike any other diet I have used, my weight loss is around my abdomen and lower body. Usually I lose it in my upper body and face before it will start moving from the more weight prone areas. This is a great asset for me because I am naturally pear shaped anyway and I need to lose weight below not up top.  As a result, I will still base my choices around high protein and low carb. However, any change to the diet will mean it is no longer the Dukan diet and I will probably have to start counting calories.

I always found counting calories rather tedious and poring over calorie charts and menu plans to be over the top. So, to aid me I am trying Weight Loss Resources for a month to help me keep to a weight loss plan. I want to do lots of reading and decide what is healthy and what my body can cope with in a way that fits into my lifestyle. 

So I will let you know what modifications I have made next week and how I have got on. More next week.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

DH Had Surgery This Week

DH had surgery this week. It’s been quite a long week. neither of us over-emotionalized it. I went to work and he got there by himself. The surgery went well but it was a long day for him.  He was one of the last to be operated on and they wouldn’t let him leave till he peed.  We got the thumbs up around 9:30 and it was home to bed.

Hubby has been doing well. He’s in a lot of pain but God is good and he will recuperate.  He has four weeks off work and I m not sure what the future holds for his physical labor but time will tell.  I am on double time this week as DH usually helps out.  It’s at times like these that you really appreciate your spouse.


Friday, 14 October 2011

I Guess This is Where We Make a Dent in 200K

According to The Guardian it costs 200K sterling to raise a child to 21. Until now DS has not been an expensive child. Admittedly, I found childcare a little excessive especially as we didn’t have family around to give us a break. However, DS was not a child who needed a lot of stuff and he was happy with hand me downs.

We are now at the dawning of adolescence and it has begun! Sneekers, phones, outings with friends, clubs and music lessons. Ouch! I guess this is where we make a dent in 200K.

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Monday, 10 October 2011

Craft Finds


Pearl head pins are back in fashion for card making and so I was pleased to come across this little find at the local haberdashery store. I also found this lovely iron frame for a song and so will make a lovely creation for fall. Watch this space.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Big Weigh In.

SO, I am very excited to tell you we have shed some major pounds in our house this week. Jim shed 7 and I shed 5. However, it has been a disciplined, sacrificial, butt busting week.

10lbsNo pain no gain (or is that no pain no loss? I am confused!)

EXERCISE:- I know Jim went bike riding with James at least twice this week. I walked 20 minutes to work every day this week, which is my norm, plus I added two 20 minute Zumba workouts.  I love the Zumba and will continue by gradually working up to a longer work out. It’s loads of fun and you can really feel it working those problem areas. However, I am not quite sure those instructors are put together the same way as I am. There upper torso seems to be independent from the lower end of their body!

DIET:- We used the DUKAN diet. The DUKAN diet is both low fat and low carb. It has three phases. The first phase is to shock your body into losing weight and consists of only low fat protein and dairy. You can eat all you want without weighing it. This appealed to me because I don’t need one more thing to concentrate on. 

We were not hungry. I seemed to have a slight headache but not much loss of energy. I did not crave things like sweets and cakes (and believe me in a school setting there is always something to tempt in the staff room) However, I did crave fruits, veggies and carbs.  Jim did very well.  Other than a strange sense of foreboding about putting so much protein in his stomach (are you sure I don’t need to count calories?) he enjoyed the diet. I didn’t do so well. By the middle of the third day I couldn’t put one more piece of protein in my mouth without feeling grossed out. So I broke out of the first phase into the second which is to include certain veggies on certain days. This is the way ahead for me I think. I am supposed to alternate days with veggies and days that are purely protein but I know I can’t do that.

So…I am back to the weight I was before the Summer in the USA. Now to lose that 10lbs!  See you next week.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

What the Doctor Ordered.

Glorious weather last weekend in the UK. I felt like it was a gift. I had had a rough time adjusting back to the UK after having 6 weeks of beautiful sunshine. One last burst of summer was what the doctor ordered.





Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Billy Graham Library

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Whilst passing through Charlotte this summer we visited the Billy Graham Library .  I had underestimated how inspiring it would be.  Billy’s love and devotion to the Holiness of God and his dedication to the word were seen throughout and everything was tastefully done. 

furlough 2011 019

I was especially touched by the small display in honor of Ruth Graham. What a women.  It takes a lot of dependency on God to stay back and raise kids whilst your husband is ministering to thousands.

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Big Weigh In


OK so I walked for four days this week which is pretty normal for me so no news there. I did ride my bike to school and back one day but hurt my wrist doing so! Sad smile

My Zumba DVD’s came and I did the intro once. I can tell it is going to be a good work out. Both Hubby and Son had a good laugh Smile

No weight loss this week but I did not diet at all.  Tomorrow I will start the Dukan diet and I will let you know the outcome next week.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Gifts in a Jar

I am starting to work on my Christmas adventures and came across these gifts in a jar.  I have several friends and colleagues whom I would like to give these to this year.  I especially like the Journal in a Jar idea.