Thursday, 31 January 2013

First CT, ‘A Little Giggle Designs’

Four Days ago I officially started working on my first Creative Team with ‘A Little Giggle designs”. Yeah!  

Absolutely loved my first project.

sweet stuff kit

sweet stuff bundle

This is Dodie Sachet-Waller’s (A Little Giggle Design) first kit. Here’s my LO’s.



Loads of lovely goodies in the bundle and they are 30% off at GDS right now.

What a great experience this was and I am looking forward to my next assignment. Go Dodie!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

And Now For A Card Or Two

And now for a card or two:-
Stamps by Clair Coxon an exclusive from papercrafts magazine.
This is my entry for the Coffee, Chocolate and Cards Challenge this month.
This months challenge is anything with music. 
And this one was for the last challenge (which was a card with a bird)  
Stamp Honey an Hugs by Docrafts.
I felt a little rusty as it has been soooo long since I did any hands on crafting. Felt good to get the glue out. I am crammed into a little spot in my bedroom which is a down shift from my small craft room in the UK. However, I won’t be buying anymore supplies for a LOOONG time!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Guest Post at Be Glorious and PL Week 3

Today is a fun day for me. Beverley at Be Glorious has invited me to guest post and it will go live to today. This is my first guest appearance so please give me some love and pop over and visit. If you want to be extra loving leave a comment. XX
The template is by Jessica Sprague and the kit is the Becky Higgins Clementine kit.
Not a particularly fast process. This took me the best part of three hours to put together. I am sure it will get faster as I get more used to the process. Having a specified time to work on it each week definitely helps. This way it is a date instead of being a guilt trip. (I know a lot of you know what I mean).
After I have completed my LO’s for the week I go back into my file and start a new PL file for the next LO. (When I download from my camera I keep them organized by date downloads. Each year I start a new file for that year). Under 2013 I keep a PL file. In that file I keep files dated by weeks.  I then load it up with copies of pics that I might want to scrap from that week. I am a week behind in putting my LO’s together so this little habit helps me get the pictures together while the week is fresh in my mind. That way when I come back to do the LO’s I have a file of pics ready to go.
I think this little habit will help me if I get several weeks behind. That way If I can’t put the LO’s together at least I will have the photo’s organized. It will also keep the pics separated out for ease of printing.
What about you? Any organizational tips to share.
PS I’ve joined a new Creative Team more news soon.

Monday, 28 January 2013

2012 A Year In Review


Year in review Template by Michelle Batton at DailyDigi.

Just loved this template. What a fun way to review a year! And what a year.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hybrid Project Life - Review

So I have two weeks of Digi PL under my belt. And, I loved the whole process. Converting it to an actual album is a different story. I sent in an order to Shutterfly and my pics came back with the date stamps cut through the middle. Lesson #1 put date stamps well within the cutting margin.  I was not thoroughly pleased with the colors of my prints so I might have a go at printing them myself.

For the journal cards I re-vamped a Becky Higgins digi template so it accommodated all journal cards and ‘saved as’ to make a new file. I pulled in the journal cards and typed in my journaling before printing.  This worked really well and I was very pleased with the end result.


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Time To Upload to a Gallery

Since my learning curve with Digi-Scrapping has become so steep I have found myself left wanting for more. I find the whole creative process so relaxing that I am creating a LO a day at a minimum.

I decided it was time to investigate being part of a creative team. This is very new to me so I have begun the search and discovered that most designers expect you to post to a gallery. Up to now I have not done this because primarily my blog has been the spot to show my creative work and then I post to social media sites from there.

So, I think it is time to research popular galleries to upload my work. I am not opposed to this because my blog is beginning to be overloaded with my LO’s. I read this post on The Daily Digi about posting to galleries and found it very helpful.

Do you have a gallery that you like?


20F and sleet. Hmm!, a good day to Scrap.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Hello Winter 2013



Winter Frost Kit by Snips and Snails from Daily Digi.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Project Life Launch and Tutorial and Freebie Link

Making a concerted effort to do Project Life this year. Having the complete core kit from last year (that I barely started) and the Digi core kit download I am not sure which direction I am going to go in. I’m in a real, "’let’s see which direction life takes us in’ this year.

Yes, as far as PL goes this year I am abandoning my OCD and fully embracing my word for 2013, ‘LIVE’. At 51 I have decided it is time to experience living and not control all the outcomes. Anyway, that is for another blog post. On with PL.

I love this tutorial by Cathy at CZ DESIGN.  …Best practices and free photo templates. I love her no nonsense approach.

So I have my supplies and having a set time each week makes sense to me. Sunday afternoon makes sense. I won’t steel her fire so check it out.

My first page is around my Word for 2013.  I put text on the photos and the journal cards are from One Little Word 2012 class by Ali Edwards. I fit this all in the PL template with a back page and voila…sheer loveliness, if I say so myself.


This PL week 2


Papers and embellishments are from digi PL kit Clementine.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Feeling Very …Today

Kit called Personally by Dawn by Design at Daily Digi.
Feeling very …today. Maybe it has something to do with it being a new year with a gentle beginning after a hair-raising nail-biting year. Or maybe it’s because I took the Christmas tree down, or that I am run down, or just ole plain fed-up. Anyway feeling very…today.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Day, Virginia Style.

Used free template by Misbits from My Memories.

January 17th approximately 8” of snow fell in SW Virginia. It was incredibly fast. So fast that as Jim and I were capturing photos we watching things that once stood tall disappear beneath the snow . We had intermittent power-cuts under the  heave of the snow and neighboring towns had power outages for more than a day.
What amazed me the most was the sun. We woke up to glorious sun lighting up the snow. My new camera got a work out capturing 236 pictures as I greedily controlled the shutter. Being from the U.K. I have never experienced anything quite like it. When you get snow in the UK you generally don’t get any sun and the freezing cold temperatures are evident. The day started here around 32F and climbed to 50’s. A day later it’s like looking at a landscape created by Dali. Sun almost blinding and snow melting from the trees in huge dollops. Stunning!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Brain Candy - Pt. 2

Here’s Part 2 of my reading plan for this year. Last year I attempted Goodread’s and fell miserably short of my goal. Undaunted I am going to try again this year. However, I need something a little extra than just an amount target so my plan of attack is to alternate my TBR Library and Brain Candy (novels)

Katie's Book Blog rounds up a list of a few challenges, Joy's reading Challenges also lists a few interesting one’s and this by far is the most fun one I have seen.

I’ve decided what I need is an interesting book list like the Goodread’s young adult reading list and I will arm myself with this when attending the Library. This will be my Brain Candy.

I will also do a TBR challenge. For this I have chosen the Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2013. The first level is the Pike’s Peak and is a 12 book challenge. That’s the one for me!

Mount TBR 2013

I’ll record a small reading review on my blog as I go. Any other takers?

Friday, 18 January 2013

Brain Candy - Pt.1

“Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back.”
John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

Together with my husband I am a collector of books. You might say we married each other for love and books! At the very least you could say we came with a dowry.  I Married DH in Bible college and his collection of Theological books left a Bible student weak at the knees. Especially after carrying them!

After marriage we left everything behind and travelled the world together. We worked for a company which had a strong passion for the written word and we collected yet another library. In the last 3 months we have put roots down in SW Virginia and let our books finally have a home all together.

Yes, we have filled three bookcases and still have several boxes in storage. Much to our shame we have collected these great reads but only read about 10%. So my To Be Read (TBR) pile comprises of several hundred Theological books. Unfortunately, when I read a Theological book I read very slow and methodical trying to absorb every morsel of living truth. This works to my disadvantage as I get so bogged down that I end up not finishing the book. Sad smile

Last year I stumbled into novels. I found that I could disappear into the world of a novel and not resurface until it was read. It held me and wouldn’t let me go until I had poured over every page.  One friend calls them, “brain candy” and I have to agree as I find them most relaxing.  

So after a disappointing year of reading and failing my Goodreads challenge, miserably, I have assessed and will begin again. My plan of attack this year is to alternate between my TBR and Brain Candy. My TBR’s because they are the necessity of life and my Brain Candy because, well because they are so much fun!



Ending this here because I don’t want it to be too long. Pt 2 will be my choice of reading challenges for the year. Are you joining any reading challenges. I would love to hear about them.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Card Challenges

Inspired by Sian I decided to check out card challenge blogs to find a couple that were just right for me. I don’t find sketches very inspirational and I like color challenges but after a while that would probably get old for me too. No, I needed something a little more exciting but not too prescriptive.

I also needed a challenge on the right day and enough time to complete it. You are probably saying to yourself, ‘good look with that! lol) Well, as it happens, there are a slue of challenge blogs out there. I started to troll through them all and then I came upon this wonderful site that does all the work for you - Feline Playful.

They list blog card challenges by the day and give details on the types of challenges. They also post winners. Wow! tons of listings.

I have decided on two for the year and I will see how they pan out. The first is Chocolate, Coffee and Cards Challenge. It is a two week challenge that starts on a Friday. The challenge is to use a stamped image but it might be a sketch/color/technique or theme. AND there are prizes. Yum!

The second is ABC Christmas Challenge. They post a challenge each week and the aim is to have a minimum of 25 cards by Christmas 2013. Love this.

I chose both of these sites because they are not overloaded with entries and they seem like a nice sized community.

I have so many nice products but I need a challenge to make me sit down and use the stuff. I am so sad that I reach November ever year and don’t have nice hand made cards to give out. I DON’T WANT TO BE A HOARDER I WANT TO BE A GIVER!

So, watch this space for my year of entries.


Last years Valentine Card.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Persnickety Prints Competition – You Are


Persnickety Prints are hosting the ‘Story Teller’ Lay Out competition. This is my entrĂ©e made with the free Scrap Orchard Digi kit.It was my answer to who or what inspired you in 2012. I would so appreciate your vote sweet peeps.

To Vote

Saturday, 12 January 2013

This Is Going To Be A Great Year.


qp from PrelesnayaP designs. Freebie at Gotta Pixle FB page.

I haven’t wanted to write home about the glorious weather we have been having because frankly that would just be rubbing it in. I called my Mum in the UK today and she said it was just above freezing. Today the temperatures reached 68F in Virginia. Admittedly this is bizarrely high for this time of year but I LOVE it. I feel like I am coming alive. 

I haven’t made my usual yearly goals this year. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I think my struggle is less to do with the in-between stage that we are in and more to do with not wanting to limit God.

When walking yesterday and taking in the view I couldn’t help but raise my hands and proclaim, “this is going to be a great year!”

This free QP seemed to fit the bill.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Project – My Memories 2013: Cover To Cover


My Memories  are hosting a project called My Memories - 2013: cover to cover on Facebook. It’s a closed community so you have to request an invite and your postings are private except within the community.

The project is to encourage you to build a complete Digi album by adding just 2 pages a month. The goal is to complete and print by December ‘13. There’s some great sharing going on over there and our host has been sharing lots of lovely tutorials. Best of all it’s free.

This is my cover page and my theme will be to record our first year back in the USA.

Kit by Scrap Matters called Life Every Day and I used a template by Cindy Schneider as a guide.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Look What I Got For Christmas This Year

Guess what I got for Christmas this year!


DH was very good to me this year. Having my birthday on the 24th December I’ve always found joint birthday/Christmas gifts to be a bit of a let down. Not this year, however, as my husband very graciously bought me a much desired Nikon 5100 DSLR!

Yes, some of you may remember when I hosted a week of guest posts on 'DSLR Photography In Focus" back in May 2011 and Jules, Marie, Sue, Valarie and Margie shared some experiences on working with a DSLR. I had been salivating over a DSLR for several years but fearful of making such an expensive commitment to something that would require work on my part or experience less than the best photos.  Deciding that I can never be more prepared than I am I finally decided to jump in and I am so glad I did. Every time I click that button I want to make that little sound my 14 year old makes when he is overcome with excitement.   (that non descript chortle that escapes and immediately announces thrilled exuberance) 

I am still running it on automatic until I can gradually find my feet on manual but I am loving what this camera can do. All of these pics were simple point and shoot with a little zoom here and there.


I got this shot of my little monster running toward me and there was no blur.

I am amazed at how sensitive the camera is and how it focuses with accuracy on what I want to capture.  When going through my photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery I noticed the auto fix took twice as long because of the size of the photos but the fix was minimal in comparison to my old point and shoot.

What special gift did you get this year? 

Friday, 4 January 2013

Design House Digital January Challenge and Free Template.


Design House Digital are celebrating their 3rd birthday all this week and have a store wide sale and freebies. If you follow this link and scroll down the page you will also see fab January challenges.   This template was by Sarah Sullivan for the Blueprint Challenge. Papers were from a kit called Galactic Geek by Clever Monkey Graphics from the Digi Files at Daily Digi.

As you can see from the date this is old material. However, I couldn’t let this good time go by. Fond memories of days shared with a very generous ‘family’ member who opened up their home to us.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Best of 2012

Best of 2012, a set on Flickr.
Best shots of 2012

This feed is 75 pictures long. If you click on the best of 2012 link it will take you to the feed. Thanks for dropping in.
Happy New year.

This was an easy project. I uploaded the best shots from 2012 to flikr (which admittedly took about 20 mins!). It took 93% of my free upload space for this month which is not bad. I hit the share on Blogger button and it posted right to my blog. Isn't technology wonderful. Enjoy.