Card Challenges

Inspired by Sian I decided to check out card challenge blogs to find a couple that were just right for me. I don’t find sketches very inspirational and I like color challenges but after a while that would probably get old for me too. No, I needed something a little more exciting but not too prescriptive.

I also needed a challenge on the right day and enough time to complete it. You are probably saying to yourself, ‘good look with that! lol) Well, as it happens, there are a slue of challenge blogs out there. I started to troll through them all and then I came upon this wonderful site that does all the work for you - Feline Playful.

They list blog card challenges by the day and give details on the types of challenges. They also post winners. Wow! tons of listings.

I have decided on two for the year and I will see how they pan out. The first is Chocolate, Coffee and Cards Challenge. It is a two week challenge that starts on a Friday. The challenge is to use a stamped image but it might be a sketch/color/technique or theme. AND there are prizes. Yum!

The second is ABC Christmas Challenge. They post a challenge each week and the aim is to have a minimum of 25 cards by Christmas 2013. Love this.

I chose both of these sites because they are not overloaded with entries and they seem like a nice sized community.

I have so many nice products but I need a challenge to make me sit down and use the stuff. I am so sad that I reach November ever year and don’t have nice hand made cards to give out. I DON’T WANT TO BE A HOARDER I WANT TO BE A GIVER!

So, watch this space for my year of entries.


Last years Valentine Card.


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