Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Creative Plan for 2014

I have been the proud owner of a DSLR camera since last Christmas and although I have enjoyed using it all year I have not used it in manual mode. That’s like owning a Maserati and not changing up from 1st gear! So I have decided to concentrate on my photography skills more in 2014.

I gave 2013 to learning Digi Scrap and Project Life and had a lot of creative fun but have decided to let it take a back burner 2014. I developed a passion for digi design this year but have realized that it will need a lot more time than I have to give right now so that too will be foraged away until I have the time. I am investing in my education for teacher licensure next year and my time will be limited so I will need to be more focused.

A perfect time to concentrate solely on photography. I plan to do one annual project next year that will go along with developing my skills and providing for my blog. Click It Up A Notch has just the project and is just the right place to grow. Nov 1, Click It’ will launch their Project 365. I have heard of this before but never been apart of it. Taking a photo a day I will be part of a community, posting my photo’s, learning from others and, hopefully, getting feed back.

I live in such a beautiful area that I won’t lack for content. I will post my photo’s on City Girl Gone Country because of the content. What will you work on in 2014?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

I Think I’ll Make a Lapbook

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately and the desire to return to my crafting roots has come to the surface!  It feels cathartic.

I have been invested in Project Life for most of the year and have loved all the mini stories that can be captured on a page. I have also dabbled in Art Journaling but was forced to give that up when leaving London. I want to create something that can bring both those things together. All the mini stories but in a larger than life tactile way.

So, I have turned to Lapbooks. Having home schooled my son for 1 year I always wanted to make Lapbooks but he returned to school before we had a chance.

What is a Lapbook. Simply, it is a file folder that is used as a base to record whatever subject you are learning. The inside of the folder is built up in very creative ways to display the material. Like this amazing Lapbook from runofthemillfamily called History of the World part 1.

I am hoping to do lots of messy play along with added memorabilia and carefully chosen pictures. I will capture the month of October seeing as it is such a delectable month.



Thursday, 10 October 2013

What I love About October

It has been a looong time since I last posted. Why, you may ask! Since the middle of the Summer I have endeavored to get my teaching license, a long-time goal, and I have hit brick wall after brick wall. It has consumed me so much I have lost all passion for life! Truly, it has been exasperating.

So, I have finally come to a point that I need to back away a little and see what God is going to say. Hence this creative interlude.


This picture was from Oct 5th 2012. It was much colder this time last year. I am not complaining mind. Every season in Virginia is magnificent. No wonder they say Virginia is for lovers. There is a certain romance to be found in all four of the seasons.

What I love about October:- Red, yellow and gold. Pumpkins, cinnamon, Hot Chocolate, soup and hearty eats. Cold noses, warm toes, scarves, sweaters, blankies and cuddles,