A Creative Plan for 2014

I have been the proud owner of a DSLR camera since last Christmas and although I have enjoyed using it all year I have not used it in manual mode. That’s like owning a Maserati and not changing up from 1st gear! So I have decided to concentrate on my photography skills more in 2014.

I gave 2013 to learning Digi Scrap and Project Life and had a lot of creative fun but have decided to let it take a back burner 2014. I developed a passion for digi design this year but have realized that it will need a lot more time than I have to give right now so that too will be foraged away until I have the time. I am investing in my education for teacher licensure next year and my time will be limited so I will need to be more focused.

A perfect time to concentrate solely on photography. I plan to do one annual project next year that will go along with developing my skills and providing for my blog. Click It Up A Notch has just the project and is just the right place to grow. Nov 1, Click It’ will launch their Project 365. I have heard of this before but never been apart of it. Taking a photo a day I will be part of a community, posting my photo’s, learning from others and, hopefully, getting feed back.

I live in such a beautiful area that I won’t lack for content. I will post my photo’s on City Girl Gone Country because of the content. What will you work on in 2014?


alexa said…
I am going to focus on my digital skills, though we too have a very good camera which I need to learn how to use - isn't it a shame we have to work?

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