I Think I’ll Make a Lapbook

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately and the desire to return to my crafting roots has come to the surface!  It feels cathartic.

I have been invested in Project Life for most of the year and have loved all the mini stories that can be captured on a page. I have also dabbled in Art Journaling but was forced to give that up when leaving London. I want to create something that can bring both those things together. All the mini stories but in a larger than life tactile way.

So, I have turned to Lapbooks. Having home schooled my son for 1 year I always wanted to make Lapbooks but he returned to school before we had a chance.

What is a Lapbook. Simply, it is a file folder that is used as a base to record whatever subject you are learning. The inside of the folder is built up in very creative ways to display the material. Like this amazing Lapbook from runofthemillfamily called History of the World part 1.

I am hoping to do lots of messy play along with added memorabilia and carefully chosen pictures. I will capture the month of October seeing as it is such a delectable month.




alexa said…
I am so looking forward to seeing more! I too am experimenting with a mix of journalling cum scrapbooking cum bits of arty/crafty things and have never heard of a lap book. Off to google!

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