Welcome to my home. Make yourself comfortable. Pull up a chair, stay a while and lets get to know each other. Whether you have followed one of my links or just happened to venture my way I am glad you are here.
This blog was started in 2006 out of a desire to post photos and related paper craft items. Life has changed over the last decade and although I am still a crafter at heart I don't have nearly the same time to devote to it.
Life has changed direction and my blog will reflect that. I call this my home because it is where I relax and can be myself. Not in a 'let it all hang out' sort of way but more of a practical, 'this is what works for me' sort of way. So, in saying that this will not be a blog dedicated to any one thing. I may share a good read or a great recipe. I will probably share creations from my craft room and or new products I am enjoying. Undoubtedly, I will share about my day. So, if this sounds at all appealing, welcome, welcome, welcome. Grab a cuppa'  of you favorite brew and stay a while.

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