DSLR Photography In Focus.

This is an exciting week for me.  Today kicks off the series “DSLR Photography In Focus” which will be six days dedicated to DSLR Photography. What is most exciting is that each post will be written by a Guest writer. I have invited five talented ladies to share about their experience behind the camera. Please join us over the coming days and leave your comments for these lovely ladies.

It’s time to move to a DSLR.

Last Summer I bought a little point and shoot that fits into my handbag and boasts 8mpx. with 5x zoom.  “A nice little camera”, I thought after moving up from a 2.1 mpx with 3x zoom. However, what I found is that although it has more options it is still an automatic camera that relinquishes no control.

Easter 2011 025

See this little guy on the fence.  He’s doing his mating ritual. Watch what happens when I try to zoom in with shaded natural light.

Easter 2011 027

I just couldn’t get it. Even with macro.  How frustrating.

Easter 2011 046

This orchid with natural light is very fuzzy.

Easter 2011 044

With flash it overexposed and lost all it’s charm.

Another frustration is the time delay.  I’ve clicked many a cute shot and the time delay has let it get away from me.  Small children and animals don’t wait around!

Then there are all the beautiful effects that you can only achieve with a DSLR. Faded backgrounds, amazing close ups, and fantastic images. It is time to move to next level in photography. 

However, where does one start. I know so little about DSLR cameras that I can’t jump into it without help.  There are a lot of great sites out there like this one Click It Up A Notch and Rock The Shop both addresses courtesy of the girls at BBFS and one of my favorites Enjoying the small things.  I will definitely be frequenting these sites for a while. 

Photography is an art especially when you move into manual mode. Each Photographer will have a particular style and have different preferences to suite their particular avenue.  I thought it would be fun to hear personally from DSLR Photographers and allow them to share from their perspective. In the process it will help me along my journey to find the right DSLR for me.

We were recently encouraged by Shimelle in BBFS to invite guest posts. I invited a few bloggers to write some guest posts for me about their experience with DSLR cameras and the response has been great. 

Jules, Marie, Sue, Valerie, and  Margie, will be my guests this week and share their experience.  Please visit their blogs and see some of their fantastic work and then join us tomorrow night for Jules post about choosing her first DSLR. 


Sandra said…
oh how exciting ... can't wait. Well done to you for jumping in the guest posting. although I did sign up for Shimelles beyond class, I haven't as yet had time to really read the prompts.
Lorraine said…
Thank you Sandra, we are quite excited about it. I have not kept up with all of BBfs prompts myself. The knowledge base is quite intense. I think there is enough there for me to keep going for a while. Well worth it I think.
scrappysue said…
What a lovely introduction Lorraine, so happy to be a guest blogger! I feel just the same as you with my point and shoot; I purchased one to take on vacation, but the limitations were driving me nuts!
Margie S said…
Lorraine, what kind of P&S do you have? All P&S' are not created equal! I'm so excited for this week of photography talk. As you know, I am a self-proclaimed photography GEEK so I am really looking forward to this week-long series as well as my guest post! Thanks for organizing this.
Lorraine said…
Hi Margie, I should have mentioned it but I didn't want to name and shame! It is a Fuji Finepix JSO. It is interesting because my original Fuji Finepix 2650 seems to respond better and take better pictures even though it is a dinosaur and has less options.
Lorraine said…
Enjoyed your blog post today Sue at Taylor Tattle.
Valerie said…
Hi Lorraine. This is going to be a fun week. I'm looking forward to reading all the guest posts! Thanks so much for the wonderful links you provided - great photography there.
Cheri said…
sounds like a great series - I'll be back!
Looking forward to this. :)
Sharis said…
I am recently getting into photography, so i am excited to hear what others have to say. Thanks for doing this.
Rebekah said…
How exciting, glad you got some guest writers lined up! Fun!

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