Trim Digital Photos

As part of my streamlining this year I am trying to get my digital pics organized and more accessible (enjoyable!).
INVESTIGATING As you can see from the photostream below I am investigating Flickr. I chose Flickr because prints can be ordered from UK and USA and this is a nice option seeing as we have family on both continents.  It seems pretty user friendly but I will see how my family get along with using it.  I found it a lot less taxing than Photobox when it came to uploading but discovered that I can still order from Photobox if I want to by simply uploading from Flickr.
NEED TO KNOW  It would be nice if I could find out how to retrieve the pics for download to my computer if need arises. After losing pics this year I am trying to cover all my bases.
LIKE I set the option for most of the file for ‘family and friends only’ and when I posted the photo stream to my blog it only showed those that were for public use. How cool is that.


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