DSLR Photography In Focus Day 7

I thought I would put some final thoughts in a post to conclude the week. Although, I know it doesn’t need to end here, as it has peaked interest for more information about DSLR photography.

I have had lots of thanks come my way this week and now it is my turn. I want to thank all my special guest writers for their contributions this week.  We decided last week, as a result of BBFS, that we would like to have a go at guest posting and away we went. Each writers post was their unique contribution to the series and they all fitted together nicely.  Thank you also for you the reader who came back and left comments.  Your comments helped us see if we were generating something of interest to you.  Thank you for those readers that came over from other sites. We are pleased that you joined us. Google analytics told us 45% of our readership this week was referred from another site and my readership tripled. This shows that working together can definitely encourage interest and new readership!  Thank you.


That all said, what inspiration did I get and what decisions have I made.  First of all I would like to say I was quite overwhelmed with the depth of knowledge that some of my guests had.  Although I am on that road I know that I would have to take a steep learning curve if I was to invest in a DSLR and get good pictures.  I am not sure I would like to sacrifice picture memories whilst I was learning how to use my camera.  I realize I need more time to develop my skills before I launch in with a DSLR.  I also know that I am not in a place in my life that I can afford to give the time and commitment that would be needed. 

Margie helped me to understand how advanced the higher end P&S cameras have become. It seems as if they can do almost the same as a DSLR except have the lens changed (forgive me if I am simplifying this too much).  If I can get the results that I need and have the opportunity to go automatic when it counts  then this would be a good next stop for me. I could learn the skills I need by using the manual settings on the P&S and when I feel I am ready I could add a DSLR. 

wedding 011

Cost is a big issue for our family and without realizing what a high end P&S could do I didn’t want to consider spending the cash and not get results. I would be out of $500 and still want and need a DSLR.  I no longer feel this will be an issue.  Several people have mentioned, over the week, that they own both and still use both.  Sue remarked that she might consider buying one as she gets frustrated with how cumbersome it is to take a DSLR on vacation.  I can see that this is what I would want to have with me if I were on a day out and not a heavy DSLR and equipment.

So, I announced to my husband yesterday that he was indeed correct and that he could buy me a Powershot Camera. He had that confused look on his face that said, I am glad I was right but why do I get to buy the camera!

Easter 2011 024

We will probably try to make the purchase later this year but I have also been inspired to try to get more out of my current camera. Margie’s comments about shutter lag being decreased in sports mode encouraged me to look into what my Fuji Finepix JSO can do. Valerie encouraged us to read the manual and put our findings into practice. So, that’s what I will do over the next  months,  thourougly explore and exhaust what can be done with this camera.

Please leave your comments and let us know what decisions you have made over this week. What is the next level in your photography. Also, please let us know what sort of information would appeal to you if this was to be taken up again.  Thank you and bye for now.


Gem's Crafts said…
I already have a DSLR, but have read these posts with interest. It would be interesting it you did a series of posts where you showed the different functions on your new camera and how to use them in different ways!
Thanks so much for this series of posts. I've been saving for a dslr, now I'm wondering again...
Cheri said…
It was a great series. I will continue to use my P & S for everyday and quick photography, but I'm motivated again to learn the ins & outs of my old dslr.
scrappysue said…
Its been a pleasure Lorraine, and I certainly have learned so much too! Looking forward to hearing which camera you choose and how you are getting along with it.
WendyB said…
Hi, found you from your comment on my blog. I missed a large part of BBfS so didn't spot your series until now. I'm keeping it open so that I can have a good read of all the posts - great idea by the way.

I just wanted to add that I use both a DSLR and a P&S. Canon for the DSLR and Sony for the P&S. I love both my cameras. I love using the different lenses etc on the DSLR and love what I can achieve with it BUT I love my Sony just as much and I have taken some cracking shots with it. From my very quick look at your post it sounds to me like you've made the right decision. I'm sure you'll enjoy your P&S and maybe that will lead to a DSLR in the future, maybe not BUT you will have fun trying out everything your P&S can do along the way. Oops, sorry for such a long comment.
Lorraine said…
Thank you for your great comments. I will definately share when I get my new camera!

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