Too Fast


This train is going so fast.

Yesterday I was celebrating two new teeth

Today we are fitting braces.

Can’t we stop in the station for a while

You and I

Experience the joy and learning one encounter brings

before hurtling toward the next.


This train is going so fast.

Just the other day I heard you say, “I love you Mum”

It was the first time.

Now I wave goodbye at the door

As you head eagerly for the school bus.

Its moving way too fast,

This train.


This train is going so fast.

Sometimes I don’t breath.

Maybe I can hold time back

Maybe I can put off the destination

And we can linger a while

This train ….much too fast.

Inspired by Ann Voskamp


scrappysue said…
Too true Lorraine! Sometimes I don't even notice the passing of time; my twins have almost finished their first year at Secondary school and it seems like only yesterday we took them in for their induction day.
So true! Time has been bittersweet these days. I've been feeling the passing of time with my kids a lot lately for some reason. Beautiful poem.
MonicaB said…
I feel the same way! It's hard to take it all in when things are changing day by day, minute by minute. Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing and thank you for facebooking my mother's day poem.
Lorraine said…
Thank you for visiting and all your kind comments
Anonymous said…
that's lovely and OH so true. like they say, long days, fast years. every phase is rewarding in a different way but sometimes i'm scared to blink.

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