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What Nurtures You?

One of the many blessings of being a teacher is the random, and most often unexpected, snow day. Being a fulltime student and holding down a fulltime job, almost every moment of everyday is spoken for except on snow days. That's the beauty of a snow day. It's like a gift. So much so, that I feel a little paralyzed when I wake up. What should I do with my UNSCHEDULED day!
Don't get me wrong, I do have a list of to-dos as long as your arm. However, after a very busy weekend in which I passed a final exam, I decided a little nurture was in order.

I have a very fond memory from when I was a child. Alone in my bedroom with a magazine, I read, drew, cut, wrote and basically entertained myself for the whole day. Somehow the introspection was comforting and nurturing. I have learned over time that if I don't get space to do that I fall apart. Anyone else feel the same? Yes, I see that hand.  Today I got to do just that. Stayed in my jammies, read, sorted, processed, …

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