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Study Lag! Help!!

So, first full week back at work in elementary school. If any of you work in school you know what that means. Kids in new grades, new schedules, new teachers, new work load, high emotions...! I am exhausted. And I have to plan for next week. Ugh!
I had planned today to knock out a college assignment. Did my grocery shopping last night, planned a slow cooked meal and everything was ready for a day of study, except me. I am displaying avoidance behavior as I have washed the bed linen, cleaned the kitchen even given myself a manicure. I simply am not in the mood for study. Serious lag here!
It's after 3:30pm and I am on my second coffee accompanied by a candy bar so I reckon I am good for at least two hours of concentration. May as well jump in. Any sage advice?

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