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Last Weekend of The Schoolyear: A bit of a Non-starter

I always find the last weekend of the school year a bit of a non-starter. 

I imagine that I will feel a sense of accomplishment and exuberance as I get to the finish line but I don't. The kids finished Friday and we have Memorial day off before going back for two teacher workdays.  So, I guess I haven't really finished the schoolyear yet. I know from experience that unless I plan and monitor my exit from the mad rush of the working world I will flounder and not accomplish any of my goals for the Summer.  What! but this is supposed to be a break...

When you carry the weight of a fulltime college load, a family and a 40 hour a week job you build lists. Lists of things you would do if you had a moment. So, while I continue my college courses through the Summer, I will start to work on those lists. 
But back to my weekend. I am changing pace. I am at least gearing up to enjoying weekends off. This weekend my goal was to eat, sleep and re-hydrate. If I get any household chores done …

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