Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Designer Classes

So you may be wondering where I have been. Well despite the fact that Spring is here and there is more outside activity like weeding and planting I have actually been investing my time in learning design. Thanks to an online forum I was lead to Hummies World. Hummies World is a wonderful place. It is an online forum, gallery and shop but Hummie also has classes and challenges. She also has a special area for learning design. It’s fab and so economical. I paid $25 for six months and for that I have access to over 60 design videos. She has oodles of non-designer classes and all for $5 a month subscription.

I started with all the preliminary stuff and her videos are super long and in-depth.  She has a world of techy knowledge and answers the design segment personally. (I don’t have any experience with the other forum yet)

So, hopefully, soon you will begin to see the fruit of my labors.  


Here’s a lovely Spring picture for you!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Happy Birthday Mum

Happy Birthday Mum.

Hope you have a wonderful day.



Kit called telling Stories by Template Dreams elements available here and papers available here

Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday LO Medley

Another Monday catch up day.  I have been so busy with my commitments at Church that a few things have gone beside the wayside. Spring in Virginia means revival week and then visitation. Wew! After getting DS off to school at 8AM this morning I spent the first part of the day moving very slowly. I love Mondays! (I know most people don’t) Monday is my laundry, clean house day. It prepares me to launch into the week. in-between I play. But I don’t have any pressing commitments which means I can take it as it comes. Ever have those days?

I am a Sweetheart! You already knew that didn’t you? Well, I mean I am a Sweetheart for DigiScrapLove. The new ‘open site’ for Digi Scrappin’. (Open site means not restricted to showing certain designers only) The founder designer is Chelle of Scrapvine. She has some great blog posts, a helpful forum, a growing gallery and a growing number of talented designers onboard.

She has four challenges for April and one includes a free template.

Community points are given for posting in the forum and entering the challenges. The reward kit and templates are fab. So if you are a beginner and want a small and friendly place to grow with come and join us. This is what is available for April if you redeem your points.

Here’s my entries for the challenges.


  Template Challenge

Made with free template and ‘Ready For Spring’ Kit by Scrapvine

available here


This was for the color challenge and I made it with the reward kit. A very fun kit!

Finally, this was for the ‘What A Mess Challenge’ and I so loved putting this together. This was a kit by MD Groot called Brocante and I intend to do more like this. 


Well lets see if blogger can cope with this upload. More later. Hope you have a great start to the week.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Project Life Week 13



For this LO I used backing paper from ‘Ready For Spring’ by Scrapvine which I previewed here.  Also the Rabbit, word arts and pin wheel.

For the journal Cards I used two sets that were freebies. Easter Cards from Vegas Girl At Heart. Free Valerie Journal cards from Dunia.

I am behind on posting this but it was great to have my photos already on my computer with dates. I make it  habit to download at least every week so when I see the dates I know what to pull from.

I am also using OH Life to remind me of events and thoughts. It is great that the Spring colors are coming out.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday LO Medley

Hello on this bright and Sunny Monday (well it is in SW Virginia anyhow!)

This is a catch up post to show you what I have been up to in the Scrapworld this week.

Jellebelleke’s Designs has been rockin’ the templates this month and I have designed for only a few.

Rock Angel Here

This kit was from the Good Life Colab from Daily Digi


Come Together Here


This Kit was from Scrapvine called, ‘Cats and Dogs Scrapbook Kit’ Here

Well I fear Blogger can’t handle more than this so there will be part two on Tuesday

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Book Reviews

This was not a fast read for me. It was a sad book to read. It didn't pull any punches about the consequences of drugs, alcohol and sex before marriage. A must read for every young adult!
The story follows the lives of an abandoned child and the tragic life of her mother that forced her to make the decision. There is no glamor here. The story is told through the life of Shannon who is a smart troubled young teen. I couldn't help feeling that we can all relate to her pain in one level or another. I have actually never read anything by Max Lucado before but I am sorry I waited so long. This was a quick read but stayed with me. Very inspirational and helped me overcome some things I had not dealt with. Definitely on my recommended reading list. It’s been a while since I read this one and I am sorry I didn’t review it sooner. It took me a long time (lots of pages) and the plot was a bit like a tortoise but the characters are so colorful that they will you along. Again quite a sad story but a very a very vivid picture of the effects of war an everyone.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Hoppy Spring and New site Launch

I discovered , a few years ago now, that DS no longer wanted to make Christmas cards with me. Being a crafter, I was crushed. “I’m too old for that mom”. Well I lived right through it. It was the beginning of the end of cute Mum and son crafting times. (One of the few times I miss having a daughter)  I would have named her Elizabeth and dressed her in pink. Maybe it was just as well. I digress…
Grammy, on the other hand, still had that crushing realization to come. After all it was only last year that we were hunting for Easter eggs on the farm. Grammy bought an egg decorating kit and a dozen eggs. She told us this news in passing and no one took the bate. So she took it upon herself to get started. Failing the task she asked me to get involved and the two of us had a Mother-In-Law, Daughter-In-Law time together.
Charming Kit from Scrapvine called Ready For Spring and boy am I ready.

It can be found here
While I am at it I would like to tell you about the launch of a new Digi Scrap Site called Digi Scrap Love
It is a free site and you can upload to the gallery freely. There are lovely challenges for April already up and the chance of freebies.  Hop ove and say hello.
The Template from above is Spring Is Coming 2 by Jellebelleke’s Designs and is a pixel Club Excl. this month at Gotta Pixel.