Monday LO Medley

Another Monday catch up day.  I have been so busy with my commitments at Church that a few things have gone beside the wayside. Spring in Virginia means revival week and then visitation. Wew! After getting DS off to school at 8AM this morning I spent the first part of the day moving very slowly. I love Mondays! (I know most people don’t) Monday is my laundry, clean house day. It prepares me to launch into the week. in-between I play. But I don’t have any pressing commitments which means I can take it as it comes. Ever have those days?

I am a Sweetheart! You already knew that didn’t you? Well, I mean I am a Sweetheart for DigiScrapLove. The new ‘open site’ for Digi Scrappin’. (Open site means not restricted to showing certain designers only) The founder designer is Chelle of Scrapvine. She has some great blog posts, a helpful forum, a growing gallery and a growing number of talented designers onboard.

She has four challenges for April and one includes a free template.

Community points are given for posting in the forum and entering the challenges. The reward kit and templates are fab. So if you are a beginner and want a small and friendly place to grow with come and join us. This is what is available for April if you redeem your points.

Here’s my entries for the challenges.


  Template Challenge

Made with free template and ‘Ready For Spring’ Kit by Scrapvine

available here


This was for the color challenge and I made it with the reward kit. A very fun kit!

Finally, this was for the ‘What A Mess Challenge’ and I so loved putting this together. This was a kit by MD Groot called Brocante and I intend to do more like this. 


Well lets see if blogger can cope with this upload. More later. Hope you have a great start to the week.


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