Hoppy Spring and New site Launch

I discovered , a few years ago now, that DS no longer wanted to make Christmas cards with me. Being a crafter, I was crushed. “I’m too old for that mom”. Well I lived right through it. It was the beginning of the end of cute Mum and son crafting times. (One of the few times I miss having a daughter)  I would have named her Elizabeth and dressed her in pink. Maybe it was just as well. I digress…
Grammy, on the other hand, still had that crushing realization to come. After all it was only last year that we were hunting for Easter eggs on the farm. Grammy bought an egg decorating kit and a dozen eggs. She told us this news in passing and no one took the bate. So she took it upon herself to get started. Failing the task she asked me to get involved and the two of us had a Mother-In-Law, Daughter-In-Law time together.
Charming Kit from Scrapvine called Ready For Spring and boy am I ready.

It can be found here
While I am at it I would like to tell you about the launch of a new Digi Scrap Site called Digi Scrap Love
It is a free site and you can upload to the gallery freely. There are lovely challenges for April already up and the chance of freebies.  Hop ove and say hello.
The Template from above is Spring Is Coming 2 by Jellebelleke’s Designs and is a pixel Club Excl. this month at Gotta Pixel.


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