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This was not a fast read for me. It was a sad book to read. It didn't pull any punches about the consequences of drugs, alcohol and sex before marriage. A must read for every young adult!
The story follows the lives of an abandoned child and the tragic life of her mother that forced her to make the decision. There is no glamor here. The story is told through the life of Shannon who is a smart troubled young teen. I couldn't help feeling that we can all relate to her pain in one level or another. I have actually never read anything by Max Lucado before but I am sorry I waited so long. This was a quick read but stayed with me. Very inspirational and helped me overcome some things I had not dealt with. Definitely on my recommended reading list. It’s been a while since I read this one and I am sorry I didn’t review it sooner. It took me a long time (lots of pages) and the plot was a bit like a tortoise but the characters are so colorful that they will you along. Again quite a sad story but a very a very vivid picture of the effects of war an everyone.


Melissa said…
Enjoyed your reviews! I've never read the first one, but I've read several of Max Lucado's books and they are all excellent. I read The Book Thief along with my book club a couple of years ago and also thought it was a good look at the effects of war on so many individuals.
Lorraine said…
Thanks for visiting. I have also enjoyed reading your reviews Melissa. How did Stargirl go?

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