Designer Classes

So you may be wondering where I have been. Well despite the fact that Spring is here and there is more outside activity like weeding and planting I have actually been investing my time in learning design. Thanks to an online forum I was lead to Hummies World. Hummies World is a wonderful place. It is an online forum, gallery and shop but Hummie also has classes and challenges. She also has a special area for learning design. It’s fab and so economical. I paid $25 for six months and for that I have access to over 60 design videos. She has oodles of non-designer classes and all for $5 a month subscription.

I started with all the preliminary stuff and her videos are super long and in-depth.  She has a world of techy knowledge and answers the design segment personally. (I don’t have any experience with the other forum yet)

So, hopefully, soon you will begin to see the fruit of my labors.  


Here’s a lovely Spring picture for you!


alexa said…
That's a cheeringly edible picture and looking forward to seeing what you have been learning!
Sandra said…
Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to
Tammy said…
So glad to see you at Hummie's World. Looking forward to seeing your layouts and designs! :)

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