Light At The End Of The ‘Processing’ Tunnel?

Processing photos after a big event is a lot of work isn’t it.  I don’t know if any of you have any helpful hints but I am just finding my feet on organizing my pics. At approx. 6000 they need a lot of organizing!

I have learned from the past that I have got to start from where I am. I don’t have a huge block of time to go back and reinvent the system for all 6000 but I can organize last months.

I decided that trips or big events definitely demanded some organization. So, the first thing I have decided to do is download daily while I am away. This way I can crop, post, and drop.   post on this process

So, now the event is blogged but I still have 100+ lovely pics in my computer that I want people to enjoy.  Scrapbooking is a must so I uploaded the best of the picks to Photobox (because they are have a 20% sale) and placed an order for prints.

This is where I could use some guidance. (please?)

Here’s the Scenario:- Once I had made three lovely albums, on Photobox, I wanted others to view them. The best I could find was to email family the links.  This way they can order prints also.  I was reasonably happy with this, however, after doing all this work I became frustrated because I couldn’t load the slideshow into the sidebar of blogger so that it would work automatically without being sent to the stills on Photobox. When I decided to get them over to Flikr to have a go there (never used Flikr but thought I would give it a go)  Photobox wouldn’t download them. Urgh! So if I want to have an album on Flikr I have to do the work again.

SO, I thought I would throw this out to you.

Do any of you have a system that you find works for organizing your photos for web display? Do you have a simple solution to cut down on the work involved? I would love to know if you have a way of processing you photos and what services you use.  Have any of you ever blogged about it? Could you send me a link please ?


Light at the end of the tunnel?


helena said…
great questions - I'll be interested in your answers.

Not a direct answer but for my 365 I created a digital page in PSE using a simple template and then loaded them all for the photobox album. And I can display the pages on my blog or flkr too
Lorraine said…
hi helena, did you display them in a post or in the side bar and were they single pictures or were they multiple pictures like in a slideshow of an album?
scrappysue said…
Lorraine, I have tried a couple of options. In Shutterfly you can set up a share site, its kinda fun, like a web page really. However, if your family wanted to order, then they would have to pay postage from the USA. I am now backing up my photos to SmugMug (this is a paid service), but worth it to me as they store photos at full resolution, plus you can re-download them to your computer. They also have public and private albums and slideshow capability. Sorry, I haven't tried adding this to my blog tho.
Hope someone can help!
Lorraine said…
Thanks Sue. Off to have a look. Lorraine

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