Rounding Up part 1.

24 hours of travel and we are home.

Rounding up some random events before I draw a close to the journaling on our Florida trip. 

I am a little wired to put it mildly so I hope this little map makes sense.

I like to use my blog to capture the pictures that I might Scrap.

  • I try to download my photos to my computer frequently so that they are organized by date and event.  There is nothing worse than having 400 pictures to sort through when you get home from a trip.  I tended to download daily if possible.
  • I crop and drop at the download. By downloading frequently it makes it easier to process the photo’s as you go. I would crop and edit photos at each download and drop the photo’s that weren’t worth keeping.
  • I tend to use my blog to exhibit the best from an event. This will take the hard work out of picking photos for scrapping as they will already be selected.
  • Journaling those events not only serves to draw my readers in but also help capture the moment for my scrapping later on.
  • I had introduced the trip Here and so in the next few days I will post a conclusion, so to speak.
  • Then it will be time to order my prints for my Layouts.

Here’s a few more events to post:-

Easter 2011 012

Fishing at Dunedin Pier with the York Family

Easter 2011 018


Easter 2011 025

Note to self : I want to make something like this.

Easter 2011 001

I love the Florida coastline and wildlife

Day at Busch Gardens

Easter 2011 084Easter 2011 159


Easter 2011 117


Easter 2011 115



Linda said…
looks like a fun trip! Looking forward to reading more about it - we've never been to Florida!
debs14 said…
Looks like you had a lovely holiday, looking forward to seeing a lot more of your photos!
Happy Easter x
What a fantastic holiday!

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