Give Thanks From A Grateful Heart

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I am thankful to God that I was able to get my engagement ring restored to its former glory. My engagement ring is a vintage ring from the fifties that belonged to my husbands grandmother. We had the posts reinforced when we got married twenty years ago and I was a little na├»ve to think it didn’t need doing again. I have spent the last year without it because it was damaged. Thankfully we were able to get a local jeweler to work on it and it looks as good as new. My hubby put it on my finger and asked me to marry him all over again!

I am thankful to God for this little beauty.


It doesn’t look like much I know. Three years ago I bought a sad little bare root with a label that said it was a miniature magnolia bush. As I love magnolias I was very excited. I put that root in a pot and watched it for the last three years with nothing more than leaves to show for it. This year I got one perfect flower. I am thrilled.

I am thankful to God that Lilly has somewhere to stay while we are in the USA.


The lady that usually takes her is no longer able to do it.  I was a little panic stricken when I found out as I only had a few weeks to make new plans. Thankfully a good friend is willing to have her until we get back. She owns a Yorkie also so they will get to play together.

I am thankful to God that I am able to enter the Race for Life at Regent’s Park on 21st May. A group of us will go from school and raise money for Cancer Research.


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What are you thankful for?


Sandra said…
What a lovely post, it's good to sometimes stop and think how lucky we are, and what we have to bee thankful for.

I'm glad you have your engagement ring back :)
Melissa said…
A lovely post - and how exciting to see the first magnolia flower! I am thankful for the Lord's provision every day.
Ginger said…
I am thankful for every day and that I am able to enjoy my life and what it brings :)
Cathy (Katy) said…
Hi Lorraine, lovely post (especially your hubby asking you to marry him all over again). I find your blog really interesting to read with such a variety of subjects. Hey and thanks for following mine.

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