Me in April 2011


Reading the scriptures daily on my Blackberry with the help of You Version. They have over 50 different reading plans that you can sign up for and loads of translations to suit your preference. I am doing the ‘read through the NT in a year plan’

Sitting  with influential people.  My role at work is changing from doing solely Classroom Learning Support to include Parent Support. As part of my new role I was invited to become part of a Locality Task Force to build awareness about domestic Violence. As I looked around the group of women in the room I realized that I was with very influential women that represented some key community programs.

Listening to my child. He’s not very verbal about what is going on and I have to be available when he is.

Checking out Blogging For Scrapbookers’ and soon ‘Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers’  and so loving it. I am picking up new tips all the time.

Experiencing good health. I started walking 1.5 miles to school everyday since last September and have discovered that not only do I have more energy but I have not been ill this year. 




Great post! Lovely photo. Visiting from BFS!!! See you on the boards. xoxo
Mary Ellyn said…
Congrats on the walking, I think about walking everyday - just wish I could bring myself to actually doing it! Howlong did it take before you felt like you had mroe energy?
Tammy said…
Great post. Keep up the walking. I've let my exercise slide a bit as I'm so busy with too many other things, but I miss it. Great goals for April.

Lorraine said…
Mary Ellyn, at first it felt like work but when I felt over tired I took the bus. However, I would say after six weeks I was looking forward to it. I noticed that I was more alert and ready for work when I arrived at school. Now I wouldn't go without it!
Melissa said…
What a nice peak into your life. I'm a little behind on the prompts, but really need to check this one out.

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