I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane

BFS prompt 12

I won’t miss this weather!


10C and rain, Ugh!

Suitcases are packed


Sorry Lilly, you can’t come. : (

I’m annoyed that my mobile phone company want to charge me 1.35 a minute, in the USA, to make and receive calls. I guess I won’t be using my phone!

I am annoyed because I can’t get Blogger to register my mobile device so that I can Blog on the road. BUT I won’t be taking my phone now anyway so that is sorted!

I always underestimate the job of leaving!

I have to Scrap this later.

001 (2)

Home Made Mothers Day Card

002 (2)


003 (2)004


  • Medicines X
  • Make-Up X
  • Foreign Currency X
  • Passports X
  • Jewelry X
  • DS X
  • Reading Material X

I never mind flying once I am in the air. What could be better than 8 hours of sitting with a book, T.V., D.S. with Professor Lieghton, Hubby, Son and waitress service. However, 1st class would be a welcome improvement.  Well gotta go. This was a reprieve in the madness. Next post will be from Florida. Yeah!


Jo said…
Have a safe journey and a great time
Ruth said…
Have a wonderful trip! Gorgeous card from your young man ~ you have to scrap it!
scrappyjacky said…
Wonderful Mothers Day card!! Have a great holiday.
Melissa said…
Enjoy your trip! Cute Mother's Day card.
furrypig said…
my son is a pokemon fan I will have to show him that card it is really good! Have a wonderful trip with lotsa sunshine xxx
Kimberlee said…
Have a great trip. What a priceless card. :)
Have an amazing time, Lorraine!!!
Cathy (Katy) said…
Have a fabulous time and we'll look forward to some great stories and photos.
Cheri said…
Hope you had an uneventful light and are now enjoying your time in Florida!
Ginger said…
have and amazing time, enjoyed the photos of your mother's day card :)

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