Hello, Welcome To The View, and What is Your Reading Preference.

I used to waitress many moons ago and that included greeting and seating people. I was never allowed to ask, “smoking or non?” as that was far too impolite. The question was put, “what is your smoking preference?”
Last August I launched my blog by answering the question, ‘what is the purpose of my blog and who is it for?”  My response was, simply, that I needed a place to post my photo’s and journaling and that basically it was for me.  However, I have recognized that, whilst it is serving that basic purpose and preserving my future Scrapbooking materials, I want it to be so much more than that.
I want it to be a place of loveliness. A place where people want to come to read and be refreshed, excited, and motivated, by life experience. I want to wow people with incredible pictures and inspire people to live by my adventures. So before I serve this feast I am asking you, “what is your reading preference?”


mcscraps5 said…
I like to be inspired by scrapbooking and crafty loveliness!
Hi I've found you via BBFS your blog looks great. I enjoy hearing more information about layouts, why they were made and how. I don't mean product lists, just techniques used, anything you are pleased with, anything that went wrong etc
Melissa said…
From BBFS :) I love to see a variety of content layouts are inspiring, but life posts can be great too!

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