Saturday, 26 March 2011

Can’t Wait!

I am looking out my window at a very grey day with a high of 14C/57F.  I know that in 11 days I am going to be on a plane to the Sunshine State! and I can’t wait.  Hey that rhymes. 

Can’t wait to:- Citizenship 001

  • Smell the warm sea air
  • Be a Bride’s Maid
  • Stay at Jim’s house
  • See our families
  • Visit our friends
  • Walk barefoot on the beach
  • See a glorious sunset
  • Drive down U.S. hwy19
  • Buy a bottomless cup of coffee
  • Visit a few local Churches
  • Visit a plethora of craft stores
  • Eat out
  • BBQ
  • Wake up when I want
  • Go to bed when I want
  • Leave the House without a coat






Tammy said...

That sounds lovely! My parents live in Central Florida and I love to visit. :)


Sandra said...

Sounds blissful :)

Jo said...

It sounds like you have a lovely time planned x

Lisa said...

Ahh, to be warm! Phoenix today is BEAUTIFUL! A lovely 80 degrees. Hope Florida is just as lovely for you... Enjoy!!!

JJ Sobey said...

enjoy your trip to warmer places - it was hovering around 0 C here in Montreal today. Brrr!

Abi said...

thanks for your lovely post on my blog. I love your random facts post. Have a lovely trip! Abi

Ruth said...

Is there room for me in your suitcase? Hope you have a fab trip!

Lisa Echerd said...

What a nice idea to list all the things you are looking forward too. HOpe all your wishes come true!

Denise said...

Hello - just popping over from BFS sounds like a lovely trip

Lorraine said...

Now if I can just figure out how to post on blogger from my Blackberry I can send you all a blow by blow encounter!