Brain Candy - Pt. 2

Here’s Part 2 of my reading plan for this year. Last year I attempted Goodread’s and fell miserably short of my goal. Undaunted I am going to try again this year. However, I need something a little extra than just an amount target so my plan of attack is to alternate my TBR Library and Brain Candy (novels)

Katie's Book Blog rounds up a list of a few challenges, Joy's reading Challenges also lists a few interesting one’s and this by far is the most fun one I have seen.

I’ve decided what I need is an interesting book list like the Goodread’s young adult reading list and I will arm myself with this when attending the Library. This will be my Brain Candy.

I will also do a TBR challenge. For this I have chosen the Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2013. The first level is the Pike’s Peak and is a 12 book challenge. That’s the one for me!

Mount TBR 2013

I’ll record a small reading review on my blog as I go. Any other takers?


Bev Hankins said…
Welcome to Mt. TBR! Good luck with your climb up Pike's Peak!

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