Hybrid Project Life - Review

So I have two weeks of Digi PL under my belt. And, I loved the whole process. Converting it to an actual album is a different story. I sent in an order to Shutterfly and my pics came back with the date stamps cut through the middle. Lesson #1 put date stamps well within the cutting margin.  I was not thoroughly pleased with the colors of my prints so I might have a go at printing them myself.

For the journal cards I re-vamped a Becky Higgins digi template so it accommodated all journal cards and ‘saved as’ to make a new file. I pulled in the journal cards and typed in my journaling before printing.  This worked really well and I was very pleased with the end result.



Abi said…
I like your PL. I am doing mine fully digital and then ordering it as a photo book through blurb. I'm sorry your photos didn't come out well the first time. Crossing fingers for the next!
Lorraine said…
I think I am quickly going in that direction myself because I am so enjoying the digital. Although, I have a core kit that I purchased last year. ;0 hmm, what to do.
Sandra said…
It's looking good

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