Look What I Got For Christmas This Year

Guess what I got for Christmas this year!


DH was very good to me this year. Having my birthday on the 24th December I’ve always found joint birthday/Christmas gifts to be a bit of a let down. Not this year, however, as my husband very graciously bought me a much desired Nikon 5100 DSLR!

Yes, some of you may remember when I hosted a week of guest posts on 'DSLR Photography In Focus" back in May 2011 and Jules, Marie, Sue, Valarie and Margie shared some experiences on working with a DSLR. I had been salivating over a DSLR for several years but fearful of making such an expensive commitment to something that would require work on my part or experience less than the best photos.  Deciding that I can never be more prepared than I am I finally decided to jump in and I am so glad I did. Every time I click that button I want to make that little sound my 14 year old makes when he is overcome with excitement.   (that non descript chortle that escapes and immediately announces thrilled exuberance) 

I am still running it on automatic until I can gradually find my feet on manual but I am loving what this camera can do. All of these pics were simple point and shoot with a little zoom here and there.


I got this shot of my little monster running toward me and there was no blur.

I am amazed at how sensitive the camera is and how it focuses with accuracy on what I want to capture.  When going through my photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery I noticed the auto fix took twice as long because of the size of the photos but the fix was minimal in comparison to my old point and shoot.

What special gift did you get this year? 


Great shot of your dog! You are going to have so much fun. My son received the Nikon D3100 from both sets of grandparents for Christmas so I have been playing around with it and I find it amazing how much has improved in just the past four or five years in camera performance! That camera is far better than my same level camera of five years ago, so your model must be simply amazing. ENJOY!
Tammy said…
Congrats, Lorraine!! Looking forward to see your photos. :)
scrappysue said…
Lorraine, I am so happy for you that you got your DSLR at last, WOO HOO! And great to see you in Jessica's class! I have totally ignored my blog for such a long time, and hope to create a new one in Jessica's class; that would be the one I have been paying for the .com for almost 2 years, oops!

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