The Big Weigh In


I have been going through smaller clothes today to see if any of them fit. I am excited to say I am about 5lbs away from half-a-dozen pair of good trousers. Oh it feels so good!

This is the end of week four and I am half a pound away from losing an even 10lbs.  They reckon 10lbs is a clothes size. 

My week went very well. I love Slimming World. Their program is all about food optimizing.  You can have as much of the free foods as you wish without weighing or calorie counting, (I love that) and the rest you have to monitor.

Since I had to limit myself to only lean proteins for one week on the Dukan  diet the Slimming World food plan is a veritable feast. Sainsbury delivered my groceries today and as I am unpacking them in front of hubby I am repeating the phrase, “I can eat these, and these and these”. 

So my new goal is to lose another 14lbs or 1 stone as we say in the UK. I would love to do this in seven weeks and that will get me up to Christmas. This will put me in the middle of the healthy range for my weight. Since there is a 2 stone differential for my height there is a lot of space for preference.  I will go for the middle range and see how that feels. DH has lost 17lbs!  The protein only suited him well and he lost the weight to show it. He will go into maintenance at the end of the week.

I lost 1.4 this week which is not bad considering I was off for half-term and did absolutely no exercise this week.  Even had a modest take out this week. So, onwards and more next week.


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