The Big Weigh In


Another hard week for dieting but then dieting is never easy is it? Jim lost 3.6 Ilbs this week giving him a grand total of 11.8 lbs and I lost 1.8 lbs giving me a total of 6.8 1lbs loss. (the comparison hardly seems fair).

We are keeping a running total in the bathroom next to the tooth brushes to keep us motivated. Hubby had surgery this week and I had lots of after school things with DS so exercise took a back seat.   Still, I suppose 7lbs loss in two weeks is not too shabby so I will not get demotivated. I am almost half way to losing a stone!  I will push on.

002I think it is time to modify the diet a little more. I am happy with the weight loss but I am also concerned about healthy choices so I want to start adding other foods rather than protein a veg only.

I have noticed, rather remarkably, that unlike any other diet I have used, my weight loss is around my abdomen and lower body. Usually I lose it in my upper body and face before it will start moving from the more weight prone areas. This is a great asset for me because I am naturally pear shaped anyway and I need to lose weight below not up top.  As a result, I will still base my choices around high protein and low carb. However, any change to the diet will mean it is no longer the Dukan diet and I will probably have to start counting calories.

I always found counting calories rather tedious and poring over calorie charts and menu plans to be over the top. So, to aid me I am trying Weight Loss Resources for a month to help me keep to a weight loss plan. I want to do lots of reading and decide what is healthy and what my body can cope with in a way that fits into my lifestyle. 

So I will let you know what modifications I have made next week and how I have got on. More next week.


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