The Big Weigh In.

SO, I am very excited to tell you we have shed some major pounds in our house this week. Jim shed 7 and I shed 5. However, it has been a disciplined, sacrificial, butt busting week.

10lbsNo pain no gain (or is that no pain no loss? I am confused!)

EXERCISE:- I know Jim went bike riding with James at least twice this week. I walked 20 minutes to work every day this week, which is my norm, plus I added two 20 minute Zumba workouts.  I love the Zumba and will continue by gradually working up to a longer work out. It’s loads of fun and you can really feel it working those problem areas. However, I am not quite sure those instructors are put together the same way as I am. There upper torso seems to be independent from the lower end of their body!

DIET:- We used the DUKAN diet. The DUKAN diet is both low fat and low carb. It has three phases. The first phase is to shock your body into losing weight and consists of only low fat protein and dairy. You can eat all you want without weighing it. This appealed to me because I don’t need one more thing to concentrate on. 

We were not hungry. I seemed to have a slight headache but not much loss of energy. I did not crave things like sweets and cakes (and believe me in a school setting there is always something to tempt in the staff room) However, I did crave fruits, veggies and carbs.  Jim did very well.  Other than a strange sense of foreboding about putting so much protein in his stomach (are you sure I don’t need to count calories?) he enjoyed the diet. I didn’t do so well. By the middle of the third day I couldn’t put one more piece of protein in my mouth without feeling grossed out. So I broke out of the first phase into the second which is to include certain veggies on certain days. This is the way ahead for me I think. I am supposed to alternate days with veggies and days that are purely protein but I know I can’t do that.

So…I am back to the weight I was before the Summer in the USA. Now to lose that 10lbs!  See you next week.


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