Lists are Better Than Lucozade!

I discovered something really empowering about myself this summer and that is, I can do it if it's on a list. As afore mentioned, my son and I built our wish list for things to do this Summer and looking back I see that all were accomplished. Would I have done those things without a list? possibly, but my list motivated me to focus on what was important and to reach my end goal.

Lists also re-energise me. When trying to pack for hols one Sunday night at 11pm I was so tired that the task daunted me and I became completely overwhelmed. A Lucozade was calling me from the bottom shelf of my kitchen but I knew that would be disastrous given the hour. I couldn't think! So I grabbed a pen and paper and made a list. The change that came over me as I sprung into action was invigorating. The day I recognised that a list is better than a Lucozade is the day I put control back in my life. Now I have list making materials ready at hand. Shopping lists, to do lists, book lists, blog lists, wish lists, prayer lists, what kind of lists do you keep?


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