Creating Digital Project Life Pages; Planning and Organizing Tips

This is a super quick post to advertise my latest project. I was invited by Chelle the creator of DigiScrapLove to guest post for her blog. I have been posting LO’s in the gallery and she asked if I could share a few tips about Digital Project Life pages. I have broken the article down into several posts and so we will run a mini series. My first post entitled, ‘planning and organizing tips’ went live today. Would love to see you visit and leave some love.


alexa said…
I really liked your tips on photo organisation - I have just started to do this, but could do with deleting the dud ones quickly!
Lorraine said…
Yes, i must admit i am not so good at deleting. I do delete most of the bad ones when i download but i am not so good with downloading later on. I should go through and have a clean out. thanks for visiting.

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