Combining Blogs

You may remember that I asked your opinion on whether I should keep separate blogs or try to combine. Several people felt that I should combine to keep it interesting and fun. I must say I agree. However, I was a little conflicted as to which I should give up and how to go about it.

Recently working with Hummie, she raised the same question, “why so many personal blogs?’ I finally agreed that my readers should see all facets of my interests and not be limited to one particular topic. So I combined a a couple by importing posts and finally got myself down to two. However, I have combined those, by leaving addresses in the tab so that you can click through. So you may have noticed the ‘City Girl Gone Country’ tab. This is where I write about family life in SW Virginia. It will contain mostly photo journal and no scrap. However this blog will continue to host my crafty pursuits.  That’s it for now. I did purchase a domain for business purposes and I’ll reveal more about that later. Until then. Ta Ta for now.



Melissa said…
Glad you were able to find a solution that works for you!
alexa said…
That is a lovely relaxed photo! Glad you've come to a decision you're happy with and looking forward to hearing more about your plans ...

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