I Did Something Grown-Up Today

I did something grown-up today or at least I think I did. I may have just been pouting. Since moving to the USA we have been staying in the ground floor apartment of my very generous in-laws. It comprises of a large studio apartment and a separate bedroom for my son. We have been very happy but space is a commodity.

I was blessed when I came from England in that I was able to ship 75% of my craft stash. When I arrived in the US I was excited over having a little time on my hands and took up 25% of the bedroom Real Estate. However, it has been very cramped and I can never find anything. I have used it about half a dozen times to produce something nice and the rest of the time it has gathered dust.

Being very stressed by the unworkable mess and in a bit of a somber mood I made the decision to box it up and store it away. It will come back out when we move into a bigger space and I can afford to enjoy it. So for now it will be digi all the way.


Loved working with this Template. It reminds me of the LO’s I used to do with paper photos. Template by A Little Giggle Designs called Singles Fun Template 1 available here.

Background paper and brads from the Kit Unforgettable available here.



Sandra said…
Sometimes it's need must, but as long as you can create, it's all that matters
alexa said…
And although you may have closed a door on one set of things for the moment, you will have opened to the door to another - just think of all the wonderful things you are going to learn to do in digi which you might not otherwise have done!
Lorraine said…
You are both right. I am still creating, and learning. I will enjoy unpacking again when space allows. Now where did I put my scissors?...

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