I Chose Feedly But It Did Not Choose Me.

My last post was on the eve of the big Google exit. Since then life kind of jumped me and I am still trying to recuperate. Well, I ended up moving to Bloglovin’ not sure I am loving it yet as I don’t find change easy. However, the reason I chose Bloglovin’ is because I had several very frustrating attempts at signing on with Feedly and finally took it as a sign.

The eve of July 1st I couldn’t even open the intro page and I guessed the server was overloaded by all the other last minute movers. However, I tried again today and couldn't get beyond the sign up page. So I am on Bloglovin for now. I just took it for a drive and it didn’t do too badly.

When I reviewed both readers on Google, Feedly got reviews from newspapers and professional sources and Bloglovin’ got reviews from bloggers.  The reviews were rather mixed and didn’t lead one way or another. So I am happy for now and will continue reading the blogs I love on Bloglovin’.



alexa said…
Now there is an unusual photo! Glad you ave found a blog reading home :).
Lorraine said…
these chickens seem to give joy to whoever comes across them. They are free-range so we have a lot of fun with them. I thought this one on the back of the ambulance was fitting for the post!

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