Time for Coffee

I have some very talented blog friends and keeping up with them reminds me to be a little more creative than just posting my LO’s. After all my blog was meant to be a journal about life!
Over at Creating Paper Dreams the very lovely Abi is having tea and you are the guest. She has created a link-up blog post encouraging us to share our lives. So get ready for a nice long visit!
I’m a coffee gal myself and anyone who knows me knows that about me. Being a complete coffee snob I won’t buy instant and I select my coffee like I’m making a house purchase!  It will be good and hot and there will be lots of it. As much as I would love to bake, I don’t. Life is too short. Entenmann’s make the best donuts!  Sorry fellow Brits, I know I let the side down but I prefer the American mid morning snack to the British afternoon tea! (oh! and my European friend trained me to serve chocolate with the coffee so there will be some of that too)
I would warn you that you have caught me in a somber mood today. You see, it has been a long time since I entertained girlfriends.  My move to the USA last October, although a very good move, has left a bit of a hole. I would share that I woke up this morning thinking about four very special friends and wonder if they know how much I love and miss them. I’m drying my eyes with a tissue now, please excuse me. I would move on quickly so as not to spoil our visit. Well the coffee is brewed so lets go sit on the couch. It’s still not warm enough in Virginia for to sit outdoors but we will certainly go for a walk before the visit is over.

I would share with you how content I am. How all the hard work prior to the move was worth it. I would also share how all the concerns we had that prompted us to move have begun to remedy themselves and God, true to His word, lead us in the right direction. I would pause for a moment and breath it all in. I live in beautiful surroundings that contrast so sharply with the city scape that we used to know.

Drinking the last dregs I would jump to my feet and ask you to join me for a walk. I feel so refreshed outdoors and so invigorated. There’s extra wellies at the door. We would take Lilly my sweet and loyal pup. We would giggle as her rump would go up and down as she runs excitedly ahead of us. I would take you down the drive and through the little green grassy walk. We stop and chat as Lilly hunts. I would share my plans for this year. To press on with my desire to teach Elementary. I will be starting again. First I will volunteer then I will be a substitute while I am getting my license. God knows. I can’t worry about income at this point although that will be an issue.
You will look at the scenery and give me a friendly hug. You will tell me that you are happy for me and that things will all turn out well. Then you will snug your windbreaker into your neck and we will head for the house. After checking your watch you will take your leave. You thank me for the coffee and pull yourself away. Thanks for being here today! 


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