How To Add A Drop Shadow In PSE7 and Make Your LO’s Spectacular.

I am learning loads as I work with different designers and see the work of other very talented peeps on Creative Teams. One resolution that I made is that I would continue to push myself to learn more of PSE and bring the level of my LO’s up.  One difference between my LO’s and others that I have seen is depth. I have seen some spectacular LO’s done with the simple addition of shadows. So I investigated how to make shadows and wow it is so simple I could kick myself.
Here’s the low down:-
Click on the layer you want to put a shadow around. image
Go to the effects layer and click on the frame that says layer styles then select drop shadow.
There are a selection of drop shadow effects choose what you want and press apply. If you want to go back and change it click on the fx next to the layer.
I’m off to play with drop shadows I’ll show the results soon.


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