How Make Clippings of Online Content For Use In Project Life–A Tutorial

Discovered this fab little trick this week while taking J Sprague’s “How to Bloom Your Blog” and decided that I must share it. I had seen various digi PL pages with a clipping of a weather report included and so wanted to incorporate them into mine. I have been a little slow with this addition because I didn’t want to download yet another program. So glad I waited because I already have the means and you most probably do to.


So here is the picture of my screen with my little weather app. I go to the start menu and in the search bar type ‘Snip” and explorer brings up the ‘Snipping Tool”


Click on it to open it and you will get this little menu box.

Your curser will be a + that you take to the corner of what you want to snip and you click and drag until you have what you want. It will then give you a new menu box with your clipping inside. Here you can save to your computer and you can save as PNG, GIFF, HTML, or JPG.


Equally, it works on internet pages such as this one that I clipped the logo. Voila!

Go have fun!


Abi said…
Thank your for this tutorial. I use screen shots a lot in my project life. So much fun to capture a moment.

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