Project Life Week 12


Hey guys, yes I know I did a week 12 last week. It was actually week 11 but I was showcasing a week 12 template for a designer. (are you confused yet!?) Anyway, this is MY week 12. Only one page this week because I have been SOOO sick and not much to report. However, I thought this was a great content for a LO.

I also learned how to make screen shots this week and the tutorial is here. No need to download a program as you probably have the tool already!.  You will be seeing more screen shots from me.

These great journal cards are from Template Dreams and are included in her ‘My Lucky Charm’ digi Bundle.



Cerise Wade said…
Wait, were you in a wreck with all those bees in your car? Is everyone okay?
Love the colors in your layout!
Lorraine said…
That's very sweet of you Cerise. No, we were not in a wreck. However, our fuel pump started acting up and the journey back was very stressful on the highway. This was a quote of the words I used with hubby just to break the tension. He was mildly amused. God bought us home safely. Thank you
Scrumptious said…
Given that you got home safely, that's a hilarious quote about the bees. What a great, richly colored layout!
Lorraine said…
Thank you Scrumptious I did enjoy making this one.

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