Blog Decisions, Can anyone Help With Input?

Hello friends,


I would love to get some feed back on this as I am trying to make some blogging decisions. I have no less that 4 blogs! Yes that’s right, 4 blogs. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

When I originally started this blog it was meant to be everything me. The View has been everything about me. My community, yes you lovely peeps, are mostly crafters like myself and so I lend myself in that direction most of all. I never have a shortage of things to post as I am bit prolific when it comes to communicating and my problem is more to do with over posting. 

So, this is why 4 blogs. The View, A City Girl Gone Country which is about my move to the USA, Ready To Soar which has barely got off the ground and was meant to be of a spiritual nature, and journey logged by a pilgrim which captured my teaching lesson’s and links for Children’s clubs. I know when I see people have more that one blog I usually don’t go passed the first address and so I am also concerned that people will respond the same to me. This means I have dilemmas about where to post things so that they will get seen.

I love the View and this is my 4th year to post.  When I want to post about anything I always want to come here first. However, I have started to be a little boring with my posts lately. Looking back over 2011 I see lots of reflection and beautiful pics but since I have been showcasing Digi LO’s I have lost that edge. Maybe I should put those on a separate page? Would people see the new addition in their reader?

So how do I resolve these issues. Have any of you had the same issues. How have you resolved them. Any suggestions please?

I am taking Jessica Sprague’s Class Bloom Your Blog over the next two weeks. It is a course about Blog Design. However, I realize I need to sort these other issues first so that I can make my decisions more simply. Would love to see your input.


Melissa said…
I personally have one blog for everything. It is primarily scrapbooking, however there's a good bit of the rest of me thrown in (book reviews, spiritual growth, organizing stuff, daily life). I realize that there are some posts that don't appeal to everyone, but I haven't had any complaints and my readers continue leaving such nice comments.
Beverly said…
Like Melissa, I am a one blog girl and in my introduction I let people know it is a consistently inconsistent blog. I like blogs that include different parts of a person's life as I feel I get to know them better. Even though I am creative I tire of blogs that only showcase scrapbooking or cards. In the end you have to do what you are most comfortable with that may be 1 blog, 4 blogs or doing some melding of the 4 into 2. Good luck!
Ruth said…
Why not create pages on this blog ~ one for each topic you'd like to cover?
Lorraine said…
Thank you for your input. These comments were all very helpful and well received. Still processing and will get back with the results.

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