I Will Live – OLW, my Declaration.

Christine Smith – Memorable and Captivated Visions – Yes You Can


I did not sign up for OLW this year, and join the ranks, mostly because I bombed out last year due to my unforeseen Trans-Atlantic move and feeling guilty that I did not complete it. So, I am making a do over all by myself. I noticed some one had created a wish board which seemed like a good idea. However, at 52 I don’t have time to wish anymore so I made a ‘declaration’ board. Well, maybe it will catch on.

I combined the two kits with the exception of the flower and butterfly's in the right bottom corner. Then in the same rust tone as the paint stroke I journald over the top.

I think I might print this in 12 x 12 and hang it by my mirror.  So what territory do you want to claim this year.


Beverly said…
Very nice..layout and words :)
alexa said…
I really love the layering here. And the 'declaration' board sounds so much more energetic than a 'wish list'! Lovely idea ..
Rhonda said…
Love the idea of a declaration board. Love your layouts as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog. See you at BYB.
Cheryl Boglioli said…
I do love this, but it's never too late to wish!! Love your name; my middle name is Lorraine. Thanks for visiting my website. I'm looking forward to BYB and getting to know you.

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