Project Life Week 6

This was the fastest ever Project Life LO and I am so pleased. I did only do one page but then there is not much going on. AND I also did not push myself to do any designer work on this one. I might even attempt to catch up that extra week!


Kit is Jessica Sprague freebies from Project Life Digi Class

The chicken scratch belongs to yours truly. Yes, my very own font called Lorraine. Very elementary but it’s mine and I love it. I got it through Jessica Sprague. You fill out a grid with the handwritten alpha and send it in. Two weeks later and Voila your own font. I’ve always hated my handwriting but in some ways this is more uniform.

I’ve also signed up for Oh-Life. Every day I get an email reminding me to journal my day. I briefly add 4-5 sentences and it records the days happenings for PL.  Great as a memory jogger.


alexa said…
How special to have your own font! Your photos capture so much about what has happened, as does the journalling - you fit a lot in!
Beverly said…
Love the layout design AND your handwriting font is awesome, can't believe you don't think so! I have always planned to do mine even getting as far as filling in the grid but hasn't happened yet @@
Lorraine said…
Yes, it feels kind of special to have a font named Lorraine!
I made my own font long ago, but I don't know whatever happened to it. I remember filling out that grid and everything, but I don't remember having to wait. Hmmm... Perhaps it is different now. I like your journaling - quick, to the point and a lot said. How cool that you are using your Lorraine font. I don't think I ever actually used mine. Love it!
Scrumptious said…
What a cute spread! I love the postcard and it looks great with your handwriting font. I bought the digital "kit" to have one made ages ago but I keep forgetting to fill out the grid and send it in. You've inspired me to get back to getting that done!

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