I Love Every Moment With You–Digital LO


This photo is from 1999. Yes, can you imagine. We didn’t even have a digital camera back then. I was going through my photo albums today and enjoying all the paper scrapbooks that I have. I could already see signs of wear and tear and they didn’t quite look as effective as I had remembered. I think if I have time I will gradually get them into digi LO’s or at least scanned into my computer. As Much as I like the old paper and scissors I prefer digital.

What about you. Do you prefer paper or digital scrapping?

Kit ‘Heart and I’ by NBK Design. There are some beautiful and easy to use clusters in this Kit.

feb kit


Sandra said…
I'm a paper scrapper through and through. I did try my hand at digi, and nothing wrong with it, but it's not me. I love the feel of paper maybe that's why I still love reading books and don't want an e reader. Such a lovely layout :)
Beverly said…
Definitely paper but I would have so much more accomplished if I was a digi girl. I joined a digi club 2 years ago so have tons of stuff but my heart is called the tactile experience of paper.

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