Creating for a Designer, What’s It All About?


Kit Hope In The Rain by A Little Giggle Designs and the template is Forever Love Clusters by Jellebelleke’s Designs.
It hasn’t been a month since I decided to join a Creative Team and do some creating for a Designer. I am now on four creative teams. Before I signed up I had no clue what to expect so it has been a learning curve. I think I am finally in the swing of things.
My Designers are all a little different and so that keeps it fresh. Some are a little more work than others. So, what does it involve you may ask. Spill the beans!
First you sign an agreement so that both designer and creator know exactly what is expected. You join a private forum, usually a closed facebook page, and communications and updates can happen between you and the team. Designers produce their kit links and if you want to work with the kit or Template you download the link and work your magic. Once you are finished you post the LO to several designated sites with links that advertise the product. You then feed back the ad links to the designer.
What do I get out of it? Well I get to be one of the first to try their new kits AND they are free to me. Secondly, I am learning more and more about digital scrapping as I go. Worth the experience I would say.


Dodie Sa said…
You are an amazing CT member! Love you:)

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